Shyft Network & exchange partners launch the Veriscope Governance Task Force

Shyft Network, along with its existing companions, has collaborated with world exchanges love Tether, Bitfinex, Unocoin, Paycase Financial, CoinHako, Huobi International, and TokoCrypto to delivery the Veriscope Governance Process Power. Veriscope (Verified Shyft Compliant Optimized Participant Trade) modified into launched by the Shyft Network in July this year to make a world compliance mannequin.

In June closing year, the Financial Action Process Power (FATF) had issued guidelines tense digital asset carrier companies (VAPS) to half Know-your-customer (KYC) and Interior most Identifiable Data (PII) files between a transaction originator and the beneficiary concurrently with the transaction in a stable system. 

What is Veriscope?


Veriscope is a decentralized compliance framework and a beautiful-contract platform for digital asset carrier companies. It is a blockchain-primarily based fully mostly answer for world compliance standards, comparable to the FATF’s Lunge Rule steering. Veriscope permits diverse VASPs to glance each totally different on the platform. Furthermore, it permits these entities to discover AML and KYC rules, while safeguarding users’ privateness and data with out reckoning on a centralized registry system.

The co-founding father of Shyft Network, Joseph Weinberg, acknowledged that it’s key for digital asset carrier companies to preserve user privateness and decentralization while serving to regulators be taught consolation in interesting how the ecosystem operates. In line with Weinberg, the Veriscope Governance Process Power will work as a team to creep implementations, produce choices, and offers principal insights into how cryptocurrency corporations can secure regulatory requirements that mitigate risk.

What is Shyft Network?

Shyft Network is a blockchain platform that embeds validation and belief into files saved on inner most and public ecosystems to boot to to permissioned and permissionless networks. Shyft intends to secure the sphere’s first digital identification ecosystem, facilitating KYC/AML attested files transfers. 

In response to the proof-of-work mannequin, Shyft Network makes exercise of the SHFT gasoline token to attain transactions on its community. By tracking user interactions, Shyft also offers its stakeholders with community repute rankings. The community is smartly-linked with several world regulators to let its participants be compliant with a pair of insurance policies across the border. 

More in regards to the Veriscope Governance Process Power 

The Veriscope Governance Process Power will make the preliminary rules of engagement, onboarding, coalition-building, and data discoverability. On behalf of the realm digital asset ecosystem, the job power will work collectively to ensure coordination spherical interoperability.

Furthermore, the Veriscope Governance Process Power is chaired by the outmoded Executive Secretary of the FATF – Rick McDonell and Josee Nadeau, the outmoded Head of the Canadian delegation at the FATF. About a totally different fundamental members of the job power encompass:

  • Peter Warrick – Bitfinex’s Chief Compliance Officer
  • Leonardo Staunch – the CCO of Tether
  • Jonathan NG – the executive anti-cash laundering officer of Huobi world.

Trade entities and exchanges belonging to the job power, love Huobi International, Bitfinex, Unocoin, will act as the first team of files custodians on the Shyft Network. The duty power members would possibly maybe also act as a response team to several policymakers and world answer companies who’re working to position in power commute rule programs across the globe.

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