Ethereum Classic Labs joins forces with Storj Labs

Working an Ethereum Classic node requires downloading and syncing a entire copy of the blockchain. One in all basically the most nerve-racking requirements to support a copy of the blockchain is storage, and scaling that storage since the blockchain is a constantly rising database. Syncing a brand contemporary mainnet node can lift a pair of hours, days, or weeks (relying to your setup obviously). Within the event of a client malicious program or community incident, recycling a node from scratch may per chance well well just be pricey downtime.

In collaboration with Storj Labs, the ETC Labs team has demonstrated how it’ll vastly broaden the syncing efficiency of an Ethereum Classic node in a trustless manner with Core-geth’s Freezer characteristic and the Storj decentralized cloud.

“Blockchains are breaking into more mainstream use cases, and enabling the straightforward and scalable enhance of networks is serious in riding this adoption. Decentralized cloud storage strategies, appreciate Tardigrade, offer the flexibility to store teach history in a technique that’s stable, decentralized, and highly resilient to frequent attacks. We’re livid to be working with ETC Labs and its community of miners to store teach history on the decentralized cloud—making it less complicated and quicker to trip up contemporary nodes, greatly decreasing the expense of downtime,” acknowledged John Gleeson, Storj Labs VP of Operations.


James Wo, Founder and Chairman of ETC Labs added, “incorporating Tardigrade decentralized cloud storage into the direction of for GETH has allowed us to flee sync instances, making it grand more efficient to trip up contemporary mining nodes across the world. This helps miners steer certain of pricy downtime, develop a more various spot of endpoints, and make a contribution to a larger, more stable blockchain.”

“This partnership with Storj, is extremely ultimate potential ahead for customers to lift possession of their data that serves their usage wants. The use of Storj for prolonged-term data storage helps developers and infrastructure companies withhold productivity excessive and down time minimal,” acknowledged Zane, Member of the ETC Core vogue team.


  • Details-recovery: Must you lose your chain data, then you are going to sync from basically the most contemporary block height of the a ways flung passe store.
  • Sync flee: The passe-store data fundamentally acts as a backup of the blockchain. If the passe-store comprises x amount of history, then that’s x amount of history you don’t must download and sync from scratch. Theoretically, days of syncing may per chance well also be accomplished in hours.



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