Data Gumbo gets $4M Series B funding to grow GumboNet blockchain

Files Gumbo, creators of an industrial blockchain community, on the present time provided the necessary end in its Series B funding round of $4 million led by fresh investor L37, a Bay Space and Houston-essentially based completely mostly endeavor capital company, with return investments from Equinor Ventures, the endeavor subsidiary of Equinor, and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, the endeavor subsidiary of Saudi Aramco.

Per gross sales pipeline boost, elevated inquire of of newest initiatives and required global expansion, Files Gumbo has completed this necessary end of its Series B. Additionally, the capital will most seemingly be old to weak its hugely interconnected blockchain community, GumboNet in give a boost to of capturing elevated market part across asset-heavy and capital-intensive industries including oil & gas, constructing, mining and manufacturing. Files Gumbo’s funding totals $14.8 million to this point.

“Time is of the essence to capitalize on significantly elevated inquire of for our community, and we’re making key hires to present a boost to our rising industrial success and market penetration in oil & gas and adjoining industries,” stated Andrew Bruce, CEO and Founder, Files Gumbo. “This funding will solidify Files Gumbo’s management spot realizing transactional straightforward process thru tidy contracts. We’re elated to companion with L37 and their educated personnel to note our community to resolve concerns and generate worth for our prospects on this considerably tense ambiance.”


In the present global exchange ambiance, it’s imperative that exchange frees up working capital and reduces inefficiencies to scale reduction costs and streamline operations. As a community of companies, prospects, suppliers, and distributors, GumboNet permits contributors to scale reduction contract leakage, release working capital, beef up money and financial administration, and lift area topic provenance thru the deployment of blockchain-powered tidy contracts.

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