Decentralized storage network Filecoin enters Mainnet Ignition phase

Decentralized storage network will undertake a phased mainnet inaugurate, with groups and communities onboarding onto the network over a timeframe, leading up to Mainnet Liftoff on October 19-23




Filecoin, a decentralized storage network, has now entered its penultimate section of pattern. The Mainnet Ignition section affords network participants — including miners, purchasers, custodians, capabilities, and network companies and products – time to initialize, be taught, put up their programs, and optimize their deployments, earlier than Mainnet Liftoff.

Mainnet Ignition follows the success of Filecoin’s Location Traipse program, the multi-word incentivized testnet opponents intended to stress-take a look at the network, rewards the storage of valid, precious, and usable files, and wait on miners and builders obtain attractive to flow the area’s biggest decentralized storage network. Exceeding targets, Location Traipse modified into once prolonged following developer query and, currently underway in its 2nd iteration, has considered over 400 miners onboarding better than 350PiB of files storage energy – the an identical of 90 million 1080p movies, or 1,400 elephantine copies of Wikipedia. The ecosystem continues to develop and currently stands at over 280 projects collaborating on the network.

Mainnet Ignition is moreover a time to solidify the moderately a range of pathways for the Filecoin community to steal in network development and resolution making. Storage miners, community champions, builders, purchasers, and ecosystem companions can all use half in improving the network during the inaugurate Filecoin Enchancment Job, upgrading it through atrocious-implementation discussions within the biweekly Core Devs assembly, and ratifying novel changes by technique of consensus amongst miners.

For the interval of Mainnet Ignition, network participants will undertake a sequence of activities explicit to their roles, including, as an instance:

  • Storage Miners – proceed adding storage to the ignition network, making ready operations for mainnet, and stress-testing storage & retrieval deals.

  • Purchasers & capabilities – use half in Slingshot, the continuing Location Traipse opponents to use Filecoin’s decentralized storage capacity to energy precious, resilient files storage.

  • Custodians & ecosystem companions – use this time to tune operations and onboard stakeholders onto the network.

  • SAFT Holders – lookout for emails from CoinList and your chosen custodian on obtain put up on the network within the course of the Mainnet Ignition section before Mainnet Liftoff.

  • Implementation Developers – develop testing, hardening, and interoperability across Filecoin implementations including lotus [PL], woodland [ChainSafe], fuhon [Soramitsu], and budge-filecoin [IPFSForce].

Liftoff will inaugurate at block 148888 and Filecoin will host a week of events from October 19-23 to occupy fun the inaugurate.

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