Anonymous Encrypted Data Exchange Blockchain Securypto’s IEO Gets off to a Flying Start

The time of ICO’s looks to be within the back of us and heaps of blockchain projects have fallen off the grid but one explicit project looks to be no longer most productive to have survived but even thrived all the way thru those occasions. Securypto specializes in a stable and in fact nameless trade of records. In an global the attach recordsdata hacks have turn out to be the norm in risk to the exception, anonymity has turn out to be a necessity.

Attend then within the midst of its ICO, the SCU project used to be making headlines proper thru major news media for its excellent innovative methodology to encrypted messaging. This made even security experts like John Mcaffee and Kim Dotcom improve the project.

Acknowledging the gigantic improve from their neighborhood, Securypto lead developer Sam Nokati expressed his appreciation:


To all who assume in Securypto and proceed to explicit your unbelievable improve for the SCU token sale, as a demonstrate of our expedient appreciation, we’re going before time desk with our token checklist. Bilaxy is an global-class digital asset trading platform and we’re proud to be listed on this kind of revered trade. For the DEX supporters, we now have chosen UniSwap, the leading decentralized permissionless trade.”

Bilaxy improve has moderately been unheard of, “Bilaxy has continually been the home of crypto hidden gem stones, and we’re overjoyed to enhance more promising blockchain projects with our a host of monetary products and services like trading, staking and more. Anonymity is a scarce commodity in for the time being and age and we now have seen Securypto’s attainable to create a mannequin the attach you make a choice back administration of your recordsdata and ship and receive truly nameless encrypted recordsdata.”

The Securypto chronicle – Upward push of the underdog

Birthed by lead cryptography developer and serial entrepreneur, Sam Nokati has no scarcity of experience. With having invested in over 16 tech companies he is surrounded by a proficient and skilled group who has labored for brands like Google, Tesla, Nike, Amazon and Paypal amongst others. Keenly responsive to the ills and challenges of anonymity and security the Securypto project used to be aptly armed with a viable employ case from its years in silicon valley.

Amid the hype of infinite ICOs of projects with out a product or per chance a employ case in 2018, Securypto went against the grain and saved the first target on turning in a working product and launched his bear Android Encryption App DigiSafeGuard.

The previous two years have seen the Securypto group laboring over its blockchain platform and conducting innumerable tests and even providing a 10BTC reward to someone that can even destroy their encryption (which to this date no person has succeeded in doing so).

Fixed laborious work has paid off and the Securypto platform has been gradually rolling out exchange after exchange and with the checklist on the trade, the subsequent logical step is here for every the group and merchants and the neighborhood. Having grown a robust following all the way thru its atmosphere up stages, final week, the Securypto project saw its IEO attain a level of fervour unheard of in this present day’s IEO chronicle, as exact supporters rallied within the back of the project’s token sale.

Securypto’s IEO success serves as a testament to fine aged-new persistence and laborious work. As Henry Ford build it, “Quality way doing it correct when no person is having a glimpse.”

Keeping neighborhood at the forefront

Initiating this present day token holders will likely be ready to start out up making deposits in preparation for trading. Accessible trading as SCU/ETH pairs are confirmed at Bilaxy trade and will open for deposits after IEO.

In the duration in-between, Securypto remains dedicated to atmosphere up checklist partnerships with credible exchanges vetted to be stable for users, conserving the neighborhood continually at the forefront of any checklist decisions. Securypto token holders will welcome the news that apart from Bilaxy and UniSwap, Securypto has managed to stable an additional 4 exchanges, to be announced at a later date. Cease tuned!

About SCU

SCU, which stands for Securypto Token, is a utility token that permits users to ship and receive encrypted messages and knowledge with its app DigiSafeGuard. The app itself already lets you attain that but the utility token permits an anonymity layer on high of it which makes it a fine instrument for everyone that cares about their privacy to ship and receive recordsdata. Early feedback from early adapters shows that mostly those that live in restrictive countries fabricate employ of this utility like North Korea and locations the attach censorship is extremely high and freedom of speech is a luxurious the attach Securypto has given them a voice. Whistleblowers have also commended its ease of employ and high level of encryption and the way in which it makes it easy to make employ of as Whatsapp but the moment you ship the message it looks to be to be like as in case your message goes into a wormhole and the receiver will get the message and no person will most likely be aware the path it has taken from sender to receiver making it not doubtless for someone to trace the message or decrypt it. It comes then as no shock why every the neighborhood and merchants had been fascinated regarding the improvement and start of SCU on Bilaxy.

Securypto IEO

Because the Preliminary Coin Offering of Securypto Tokens has been started, this golden more than a few is getting huge consideration from the crypto neighborhood all over the attach the realm.

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