Lightning Vulnerability Discovered; LND Node Operators Urged to Upgrade ASAP

(Artur Aldyrkhanov/Unsplash)

Lightning Vulnerability Found; LND Node Operators Entreated to Upgrade ASAP

A vulnerability in LND versions 0.10.x and below has been disclosed to the Lightning Labs crew, in response to engineer Conner Fromknecht in the Lightning Network developer channel Thursday. In light of the disclosure, the firm is urging node operators to improve to versions 0.11.0 or better as shortly as potential.

  • No identified exploitations of the vulnerability were stumbled on to this level, but “conditions surrounding the invention resulted in a compressed disclosure timeline,” Fromknecht acknowledged.
  • The vulnerability became as soon as “partially” disclosed with a detailed publishing of the findings promised Oct. 20.
  • Lightning Labs – one in every of three fundamental implementations of the Lightning Network – launched its most neatly-liked v0.11.1-beta on Oct. 1.
  • Lightning Labs didn’t answer true now to a quiz for tell.

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