NIFTEX Raises $500K to Build Out NFT Trading Platform

Singapore-based fully NIFTEX, the platform that enables for the fractional trading of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announced a $500,000 funding spherical led by 1kx and joined by CoinFund, MetaCartel Ventures, Sparq and Digital Forex Crew (CoinDesk’s parent firm).

The firm launched its alpha version five months ago and has generated bigger than $2 million in total quantity, co-founder and CEO Joel Hubert informed CoinDesk in an interview. He acknowledged the early uptake “proves we’re doing something of us win intelligent.” 


NIFTEX has been viewed as a aspect within the resurgent recognition of digital collectibles, inspired in segment by this summer season’s decentralized finance (DeFi) craze. “Per chance spurred by the DeFi Summer season, NFTs are undergoing a second discovery cycle,” Hubert acknowledged.

With the funding, Hubert and co-founder Impress Le assemble ambitions to flip NIFTEX into a extra solidified platform for somebody with an NFT to race in and jog away with something to alternate (without sacrificing possession of the distinctive work).

“I peer from crypto of us referring to NFTs [with] the identical kind of skepticism I peer from of us birth air of crypto searching at bitcoin,” Hubert acknowledged. “Trading NFTs is anxious, especially when compared to a cryptocurrency that is fungible.”

That’s where the innovation to fractionalize dear NFTs into ERC-20 tokens basically kicked off, Hubert added. After all, collectibles are cool, but so is being profitable.

“With NFTs, digital shortage is here, and it’s here to defend,” Larry Sukernik, investment chief at  Digital Forex Crew, acknowledged in a press tell. “True address we utilize and promote fractions of companies and staunch-property, so will we utilize and promote fractions of digital assets. It’s a wonky thought originally, however the longer you specialise in it, the extra it makes sense.”

In an interview, Hubert also hinted at a “master knowing” to assemble and invent a second version of the platform, provocative in direction of a fully decentralized NIFTEX – presumably with a governance token – in early 2021.

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