Imcoin (IMC) “The First Hybridcoin” Arrives To Impose a New Concept of Cryptocurrencies

PRESS RELEASE. The aim of IMCoin is to be the first Hybridcoin on the market, giving its holders the chance of having an asset backed with an audited and public underlying where the money from the sale of the token is entered, but which in turn tries to amplify in cost. to positively affect the worth of the coin. In this approach, we preserve shut into legend that both the Stablecoin and Performance Coins public could also be attracted to and maintain the profit of IMCoin. These that make investments in Stablecoins will no longer must sacrifice profitability for stability and other folks that make investments in cryptocurrencies will no longer must sacrifice stability for returns.


IMCoin furthermore has a mission to perform a stable and winning enterprise model utilizing cryptocurrencies as a security deposit, as neatly as an investment asset. Our model aims to facilitate get steady of entry to to credit ranking to IMC customers, in accordance with the safety and transparency of Blockchain abilities with its platform. There that that it is doubtless you’ll perhaps be ready to change into a lender or a borrower.

In addition, within our platform there would possibly perchance be the chance of utilizing “Lucybook” a industrial accounts auditor for all markets equivalent to fx, futures, shares, cryptocurrencies and others. This will change into a conventional tool for traders who must silent their trading outcomes, verified by a tool in accordance with blockchain abilities for the validation of transactions. This will furthermore change into a conventional tool for the long bustle look of various Hybridcoins that must be audited.

Token sales:

Delivery: Might perhaps presumably well furthermore 15, 2019 (9: 00 AM GMT)

Ends: April 15, 2021 (11: 00 a.m. GMT)

Number of tokens for sale: 100,000,000

Preliminary token designate: 1.00 USD

Current token designate: $ 1.74 (up-to-the-minute in accordance with underlying)

January 2021 projected designate: $ 2.00

Token for the time being supplied: 18,966,431

Minimal take dangle of quantity: 100 IMC





Here’s an announcement. Readers could perhaps unruffled create their private due diligence old to taking any actions connected to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or companies and products. is to not blame, at as soon as or not at as soon as, for any afflict or loss triggered or supposed to be triggered by or in reference to utilizing or reliance on any protest material, items or companies and products talked about in the clicking launch.

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