CertiK launches new tool to expedite smart contract security analysis

CertiK, a provider of discontinue-to-discontinue cybersecurity solutions, has now introduced the initiating of QuickScan, a brand fresh safety toolset that leverages automatic scanning technologies to envision deployed dapper contracts against a huge fluctuate of identified vulnerabilities at scale. The lean but extremely efficient tool produces extremely lawful dapper contract safety scores.

Daryl Hok, Chief Operating Officer of CertiK, acknowledged, “Looking on the complexity, with QuickScan, it is miles estimated that it’ll purchase 40-60 minutes to total a dapper contract analysis. Risk levels are indicated thru precise-time safety scores, with lower scores signaling a greater capability for hacks and malfunctions.”

Equal to safety service endpoints, CertiK makes use of a mixture of five static and dynamic Safety Primitives that specialise in various safety areas (Whitelist, Blacklist, Advantageous, Bytecode, and Offer-Code) backed by the group’s proprietary technologies and tools, and aggregates each and each safety scores to reach up with the final safety evaluate result.


“Via a mixture of decreasing edge safety tools and products, and an unrivaled group of cybersecurity consultants, CertiK is paving the kind for impress fresh safety standards in blockchain and beyond. With unparalleled safety, accuracy, and speed, the approach of QuickScan will relieve reduce abet the impression of gadget vulnerabilities in blockchain-based entirely platforms. Whereas safety consultants detached play a obligatory honest in analyzing complex methods and conducting pudgy formal audits, QuickScan, alongside with CertiK’s other safety-centered products, will relieve elevate the price and accuracy of safety auditing,” Hok concluded.

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