Hash War: Mystery Miner’s Empty Block Attack Makes ABC’s New Blockchain Almost Unusable

In response to plenty of reports, the Bitcoin ABC friendly-IFP chain has been under ‘assault’ for a chain of consecutive days now. The thriller miner has been mining a huge sequence of sequential blocks, however nearly all of them had been empty. The miner who calls himself ‘Voluntarism.dev’ says the mining operation is a community of “veteran-guard miners,” and claims they’ll mess with the minority ABC chain for years.


This article has been up-to-the-minute at 6: 15 p.m. (EST) on November 28, in direct to mirror recent comments from Blockchair’s founder, Nikita Zhavoronkov, who has said there had been no decrease than six blockchain reorgs on the ABC’s nameless chain to-date, since the node forked off on November 15, 2020.

‘The Set apart of Freedom Is Steep’

The cryptocurrency neighborhood has been watching the aftermath of the contemporary blockchain bifurcation, which saw the Bitcoin ABC node fork into its accumulate blockchain. The Bitcoin ABC community is composed nameless and without branding, and the token is frequently known as both “ABC,” “BCHA,” or “BAB.”

Last week, data.Bitcoin.com reported on a stealth miner who has been mining a gargantuan sequence of consecutive empty blocks. Resulting from blocks had been empty for see you later, it’s been laborious for any individual to ship a transaction on the ABC chain and safe the transaction confirmed in a effectively timed manner.

Hash War: Mystery Miner's Empty Block Attack Makes ABC's New Blockchain Almost Unusable
It is assumed that the thriller mining pool operator Voluntarism.dev controls 90% of the ABC chain’s hashrate on Saturday, November 28, 2020.

Since our newsdesk’s characterize, the thriller miner has presented the community on Twitter under the memoir title Voluntarism.dev, and through coinbase parameter messages every time the pool finds an ABC block reward. On November 24, 2020, the Voluntarism.dev Twitter memoir created a message with a blockchain signature in direct to look at its legitimacy.

The identical day the miner tweeted: “stunning concepts don’t require drive” and the next day the community tweeted a message to other miners pointing hashrate on the ABC chain. Voluntarism.dev acknowledged:

I’m hoping all miners agree: we would love 100% of the BCHA coinbase reward to head to pqnqv9lt7e5vjyp0w88zf2af0l92l8rxdgnlxww9j9.

The thriller miner Voluntarism.dev has furthermore taken to Github in direct to existing that the community is worked up about the 100% being sent to the IFP address.

In a while that day, the pool tweeted that “the rate of freedom is steep” and furthermore tweeted some screenshots of Bitcoin ABC’s lead developer Amaury Séchet discussing the infrastructure funding concept (IFP).

“ABC violated the (non-aggression principle) NAP with 9 months of civil war,” the Voluntarism.dev Twitter memoir wired in a single other tweet. “Freeriders must pay 100% of the block reward to ABC. We are able to orphan all blocks that lift out no longer. We are able to pay 100% as effectively, once ABC merges this change,” the pool added.

In one other statement Voluntarism.dev acknowledged:

The amount of value that ABC stole from [Bitcoin Cash] pales in comparability to our expenditures. We are a community of veteran-guard miners and whales. We are able to lift out this for years. Next time you fork: utilize your accumulate genesis block, your accumulate PoW [algorithm], and fabricate your accumulate neighborhood. [Bitcoin Cash] is protected.

Within the meantime, between Thursday and Saturday, it took larger than 24 hours earlier than any ABC friendly-IFP transactions cleared, and the blockchain has suffered an complete of two blockchain reorganizations (reorg) to-date. This map after a block has been mined by a miner other than Voluntarism.dev, it’s been reverted and the once confirmed blocks simply fade. On Saturday morning, there used to be an strive to reorg the ABC chain a third time, however it used to be reverted by the pool Mining Dutch. The mining pool Mining Dutch has managed to route of hundreds of transactions for senders on Saturday early afternoon (EST).

@yhaiyang belief for you. dump your BCHA holdings into your accumulate customer prefer walls, then safe it rate $0 (per your possibility warning) https://t.co/ZFHg17KDZz pic.twitter.com/dVFy4m4rWG

— voluntarism.dev (@DevVoluntarism) November 27, 2020

Spawn Camp Attack or Enforced Consensus Mechanism?

On November 28, 2020, the cofounder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin tweeted about the thriller mining pool that controls 90% of the ABC chain’s hashpower this present day. “ [A] mining pool 51% assaults BCHA apparently with the specific objective of destroying it. Will this be the first real spawn camp assault on a PoW chain?” Buterin requested his Twitter followers.

Nonetheless, the contemporary empty block attacker is no longer the first real spawn camp assault on a PoW chain. A Bitcoin clone known as Coiledcoin regarded in 2012 and it has been acknowledged that it used to be furthermore attacked by hashrate. The BTC neighborhood accused the Core developer, Luke Speed Jr., of leveraging the mining pool Eligius in direct to takedown the Coiledcoin mission. Software developer Peter Todd spoke about the match on Twitter in 2016 when ethereum traditional (ETC) used to be threatened by a 51% assault.

Hash War: Mystery Miner's Empty Block Attack Makes ABC's New Blockchain Almost Unusable
Screenshot of the first two blockchain reorganizations (reorg).

On Friday, in a reply to Buterin’s tweet about the thriller miner, BCH proponent, and researcher, Javier González explained that the mining pool’s approach used to be no longer an assault. “It is no longer an assault, it’s defensive,” González acknowledged. “Bitcoin ABC has fractured the BCH mission to take hold of 8% of the coinbase miners incentive. 90% of the BCH [hashpower] voted in opposition to it. And now they’re defending their interests. Enforced consensus mechanism,” González insisted.

Hash War: Mystery Miner's Empty Block Attack Makes ABC's New Blockchain Almost Unusable
González and others imagine the thriller miner is emptying blocks to safe it more straightforward to proceed the blueprint.

News.Bitcoin.com spoke with González on Saturday, while the third blockchain reorg strive took set. González is furthermore the inventor of the Bitcoin Mining Parliament (BMP), a belief that confronts Bitcoin Money community elements the utilize of Nakamoto Consensus.

Someday of the morning hours (EST), the mining pools Viabtc and Mining Dutch mined blocks 662396 and 662397. Both of those blocks confirmed hundreds of transactions, however one more time, Voluntarism.dev reorganized the chain with its huge hashpower and the blocks disappeared. González sources recordsdata from the block explorer Blockchair and furthermore runs his accumulate ABC friendly-IFP node. Though no longer too lengthy after, confrontational hashpower used to be in a plight to pause Voluntarism.dev’s third reorg strive.

“The first empty block + reorg assault to shatter a minority ruin up strive (BAB/BCHA/ABC) is going down,” González instructed data.Bitcoin.com on Saturday. “I mediate they’re a community of miners and BCH whales that are acting in coordination to defend the [Bitcoin Cash] blockchain from the ruin up triggered by Bitcoin ABC (Amaury) to take hold of the 8% of the coinbase incentive that belongs to the miners. González additional added:

Normally, Amaury believes it has the simply to ruin up the mission and utilize the 8% (who knows how phenomenal in the lengthy flee). However that is being denied by hashwar.

Hash War: Mystery Miner's Empty Block Attack Makes ABC's New Blockchain Almost Unusable

Thriller Miner’s Third Strive to Reorg ABC Met With Confrontational Hashpower

González furthermore acknowledged that the ABC chain handiest has two mitigations; both selectively ignore hashpower (complete centrality) or change the algorithm in emergency. The researcher additional highlighted that the ABC chain has no utilize and that markets could well also hold to delist the coin. Whereas the thriller miner empties blocks it’s furthermore optimizing the assault by making it cheaper González detailed.

“What we are seeing is what I call ‘govt mining.’ That is, it’s no longer ‘automatic mining’ following the market incentive, however the miners are following their accumulate brains, spending money, pondering of a larger future incentive (on this case, it appears to be the defense of BCH),” González emphasized.

Whereas conversing with the researcher one other two blocks were mined by the pool Mining Dutch. González acknowledged that the thriller miner Voluntarism.dev is now being confronted in the hash war. “A gargantuan amount of hashrate has reversed the reorg, preserving BAB,” González detailed. For the time being, there had been two honorable reorganizations and one failed strive on Saturday morning.

After the two blocks were found by Mining Dutch, Voluntarism.dev mined four blocks after that, the pool acknowledged the confrontational hashpower used to be a “bully” in the next coinbase message. Following the four blocks mined by Voluntarism.dev (662412, 662413, 662414, 662415), Mining Dutch obtained one other two blocks and managed to route of transactions.

Blockchair’s engine has caught an complete of six blockchain reorgs since the initial fork. Right here is a screenshot of the node log shared by Blockchair founder, Nikita Zhavoronkov on November 28, 2020.

At 6: 15 p.m. (EST) Blockchair founder, Nikita Zhavoronkov, acknowledged his crew has caught an complete of six blockchain reorganizations on the ABC chain to this point.

“Thus a long way our engine has caught 6 reorgs on BCHA orphaning 12 blocks in complete. Two 1-block reorgs on November 25th, two 2-block reorgs on 26th, a 2-block reorg on 28th, and a 4-block reorg on 28th,” Zhavoronkov tweeted. Indubitably there’ve been [many] extra reorgs, they real happen very hastily and our engine misses that. I allege I’d want some roughly a separate log parser for extra right numbers,” Zhavoronkov added.

As of just now, BCH supporters and ABC proponents shall be watching the chain with their eyes peeled. Thus a long way, it appears the chain is much from useful and the community’s existence going ahead is uncertain.

What lift out you watched about the hash war and the thriller miner? Enable us to know what you watched about this enviornment in the comments piece under.

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