Blockchain agnostic MPC solution Partisia raises $2.6M in early contribution token sale

The chain agnostic resolution uses Multi-Celebration Computation (MPC) to make certain confidentiality and privateness in blockchain…

Partisia Blockchain, a Denmark-primarily based entirely mostly resolution to decentralization’s confidentiality and privateness challenges, this day introduced that it has successfully raised $2.6m in a non-public, early contribution token sale round. Currently working in testnet, the Partisia Blockchain is gearing as much as start on Mainnet in 2021.

The start of Partisia Blockchain represents the well-known a success full integration of blockchain technology with any other business grade kind of distributed cryptography known as Stable Multi-Celebration Computation (MPC). Whereas blockchain prioritizes transparency by invent, MPC introduces confidentiality to the equation by leveraging a community of computation nodes that route of encrypted recordsdata with zero-recordsdata in regards to the suggestions. This combination of Disbursed Ledger Expertise (DLT) with privateness-making improvements to utility permits enterprises to ride the advantages of decentralized applied sciences while peaceable guaranteeing that recordsdata stays personal and earn.


Commenting, Kurt Nielsen, President of Partisia Blockchain Foundation, said, “The salvage has operated on the identical premise for 20 years now, nonetheless since then, loads has changed. Guidelines of privateness and confidentiality are now not any longer a luxury; they are a necessity that is demanded from all corners of society – customers, enterprises, and governments alike. The Partisia Blockchain goals to build a sustainable recordsdata-pushed society by facilitating the steadiness between maintaining and utilizing recordsdata. Now endorsed by world initiatives reminiscent of the World Economic Forum, the US Rate on Proof-primarily based entirely mostly Policymaking, and the UN World Working Neighborhood on Massive Data, MPC holds the significant to a original generation in digital transfers and recordsdata administration that reduces the probability and difficulty experienced when partaking with digital platforms.”

Partisia Blockchain will primarily exercise funds contributed real via this period for operational costs, alongside side the enlargement of its team, the extra pattern of its technology, and the broadening of its neighborhood in the lead-up and beyond its Mainnet start in 2021. 

Professor Ivan Damgård, Chief Cryptographer of Partisia Blockchain, said, “Decentralized systems for recordsdata alternate choices withhold no doubt extensive promise for full original systems to conduct digital business. Nonetheless, to this level, this has been hampered by a lack of privateness and confidentiality. The utilization of the weird and wonderful combination of Multi-Celebration Computation (MPC) and blockchain, the Partisia Blockchain now provides enterprises a honest avenue into the blockchain industry and the mountainous possibilities it has to present.”

Partisia Blockchain Challange

Merging blockchain and MPC has prolonged been known as a key project by the Partisia Blockchain team who were working diligently to enact this aim for the past four years. A pioneer in the jam, Partisia Blockchain used to be founded by the leading Danish developer of privateness-maintaining alternate choices, Partisia, who were promoting business-grade MPC utility alternate choices to world enterprises since 2008. Led by Ph.D. Kurt Nielsen, the team counts a substitute of properly-known industry luminaries amongst its ranks, alongside side the co-creator of the famed Merkle-Damgård hash feature, Professor Ivan Damgård, a well-known academic, and one in every of the field’s top-cited and printed researchers in cryptography, and Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen, the author of additional than 80 scientific publications alongside side Stable Multiparty Computation and Secret Sharing — the well-known and most influential textbook on MPC.

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