Saylor Hits Back at Claims MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trove Makes It an ETF

Saylor Hits Support at Claims MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trove Makes It an ETF

No matter how it looks to be like, swims or quacks, if the rules says it ain’t a duck, then it ain’t one – The Michael Saylor Data to Waterfowl Identification.

No, to our information, Saylor, CEO of change intelligence firm MicroStrategy, has no longer written this form of information. Alternatively, if he did so, one can take note an entry like this upending the infamous “duck take a look at” of observed truth that the poet James Whitcomb Riley is believed to bear coined. 


It completely captures the letter-of-the-rules reasoning Saylor faded on Twitter Friday evening to brush apart frequent speculation that his company’s recent huge purchases of bitcoin bear grew to change into it into an funding firm or even de facto bitcoin Alternate-Traded Fund (ETF). 

While some bear argued that customers in Nasdaq-listed MicroStrategy (MSTR) are basically successfully procuring a regulated funding automobile that provides them exposure to the leading cryptocurrency, Saylor grew to change into to statute citations to argue that his firm nothing of the kind:

Since August, MicroStrategy has offered $475 million in bitcoin and the firm shows no label of forestalling. This past week, MSTR sold $650 million in convertible senior notes to elevate funds to win even extra bitcoin.

At some stage within the company’s bitcoin-procuring binge, MSTR shares bear extra than doubled, as many customers saw retaining shares of the company as a manner to make exposure to bitcoin, very like retaining shares in an ETF provides one exposure to whatever asset the ETF is invested in. However with his tweets Friday, Saylor was in actuality announcing it doesn’t matter what these customers state. The phrases “in end” create all of the adaptation.

Along with his unparalleled chutzpah Saylor is drawing a line within the sand by announcing he thinks MSTR’s elevate of 40,824 bitcoin is merely the company selecting to help its reserves in a currency diversified than U.S. bucks regardless of how customers may perchance peep it or why they’re loading up on MSTR shares. No matter that Saylor, who controls 70% of MSTR’s shares, has been the very most appealing beneficiary of the stock’s bitcoin-fueled rise.

By publicly referencing appropriate rules/rulings, Saylor may perchance also additionally be hoping to dissuade the U.S. Securities and Alternate Price from revisiting its cling work on waterfowl identification, a revisitation, which may perchance also result in a sure ruling on bitcoin and thus, altering species a tiny bit, cook dinner his goose.

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