IOHK launches unique ‘smart-contract-free’ solution for tokens on Cardano

Blockchain learn and pattern company IOHK, has announced a particular interoperability characteristic for the Cardano blockchain platform, which is able to allow it to address non-native blockchain-primarily based mostly mostly resources, or ‘tokens’ natively. This resolution permits tokens from assorted chains, whether holding monetary designate or no longer, to be represented on Cardano without the want for trim contracts or custom code. It furthermore enables those resources to behave in a the same system to Cardano’s currency, ADA, which system that projects can ranking again of Cardano’s velocity, security, and reduced transaction prices.

The hot tokenization direction of is inherently inefficient because it requires the introduction and implementation of custom code. This adds a layer of complexity, payment (gasoline is obligatory to pay for the execution of the code), and inefficiency, as token code for both requirements is replicated and adapted, in station of being half of the gadget itself. Previous inefficiencies, this furthermore leaves room for human error. If custom code is executed sloppily, it will introduce bugs that also can consequence in financial loss, as became as soon as seen in 2017 when instrument bugs ended in the loss of $300m worth of Etherum’s cryptocurrency.

IOHK’s ‘native tokens’ resolution for Cardano is decided to swap this. It eliminates the pointless layer of pricy complexity and inherent inefficiency by allowing third birthday celebration tokens to feature on Cardano as if it became as soon as a custom-designed blockchain for them, in station of having to clunkily adapt in inform for the token to work on the chain. It furthermore enables those resources to behave in a the same system to Cardano’s predominant currency, ADA, allowing projects to ranking exact of entry to market-main ranges of velocity and security, and striking off prohibitive gasoline prices.


The rollout of this resolution will initiate with a pre-production atmosphere this month, with it situation to switch live to snort the tale the Cardano mainnet in Q1 2021.

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