Blockchain fund KR1 invests in Ethereum 2.0 staking solution Lido

KR1, a blockchain and crypto-asset investment company, on the present time announced that it has invested a total of USD $150,000 within the Lido mission in return for 15,000,000 Lido (LDO) tokens.

Lido is a liquid Ethereum 2.0 staking solution backed by several industrial-main staking suppliers. The system enables customers to blueprint Ethereum (ETH) staking rewards with no lock-americaor minimum deposits, while furthermore contributing to the protection of the one real within the near previous launched Ethereum 2.0 blockchain.

By the issuance of a proxy token, termed staked ETH (stETH), Lido creates a liquid different for staked ETH, allowing tokens otherwise locked as much as be transferred, traded, and inclined throughout other Ethereum DeFi applications. As such, Lido’s stETH token could presumably well presumably changed into an awfully great atrocious venerable in DeFi, and a foundational constructing block for the Ethereum ‘money-lego’ stack.


“We had been very elated to verify the most up-to-date begin of the first fragment of Ethereum 2.0’s roadmap and the ensuing enthusiasm from the community for staking ETH. With this kind of expansive and diverse community of ETH holders, there is mountainous query of for innovative staking products and Lido has created a extraordinarily compelling offering. Their level of curiosity on simplicity, substantial user ride and flexibility will garner mountainous curiosity and we’re angry to be involved at such an early stage.”

– George McDonaugh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of KR1

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