Polkadot smart contract platform Moonbeam integrates Chainlink

PureStake, the corporate growing the Moonbeam trim contract platform, has carried out an integration of Chainlink into the Moonbeam TestNet ambiance. This integration brings Chainlink’s oracle performance to Moonbeam, enabling builders to manufacture trim contracts the usage of any exterior data resource—all without leaving the Polkadot ecosystem.

The preliminary integration entails the deployment of Chainlink’s broadly primitive Trace Feeds on Moonbeam, giving dApps get entry to to the finest sequence of on-chain market data backed by real, legitimate, and already dwell decentralized oracle networks.

Chainlink is the most in total-adopted oracle community on Ethereum and a truly predominant DeFi infrastructure tell. By deploying Chainlink to the Moonbeam TestNet — and within the extinguish, to its Kusama and Polkadot parachain deployments — new protocols launching within the Moonbeam ecosystem can have built-in get entry to to Chainlink.


As a TestNet integration, projects are in a situation to:

  • Straight away leverage Chainlink Trace Feeds for DOT, KSM, ETH, BTC in their trim contracts with PureStake’s Moonbeam Oracle: The suited map to spend Chainlink Feeds and The suited map to salvage data
  • Initiate running their very maintain Chainlink oracle with customizable data feeds for Moonbeam’s TestNet: The suited map to trail an Chainlink oracle node on Moonbeam
  • Check in to invent their very maintain routine data to the Chainlink ecosystem for consumption by Moonbeam trim contracts. The suited map to be a data provider on Chainlink

The integration of Chainlink Trace Feeds on Moonbeam affords builders with a mess of key capabilities wanted for DeFi applications, at the side of:

  • Excessive-Glorious Records: Trace data is sourced from top fee off-chain data aggregators, allowing customers to mitigate flash loans as every designate level reflects a quantity-adjusted aggregate from all procuring and selling environments as towards a single substitute.
  • Salvage Oracle Nodes: Oracle networks are made up of honest, safety-reviewed nodes trail by main safety and blockchain DevOps teams, preserving customers towards Sybil assaults.
  • Decentralized Computation: Every Trace Feed is decentralized at the oracle and data source stage, resulting in extremely on hand and manipulation resistant data and oracle services and products.
  • Confirmed Oracle Infrastructure: Chainlink secures billions of bucks in fee for high DeFi applications, proving its capability to real proper fee dwell on MainNet.

“Moonbeam has expeditiously turn into a vacation blueprint for Solidity projects which would possibly perhaps presumably presumably be attempting to effortlessly prolong to Polkadot,” said Derek Yoo, CEO of PureStake and head of the Moonbeam mission. “The integration of Chainlink’s decentralized technology provides predominant performance to our trim contract platform and affords builders quick get entry to to real and legit designate data for his or her DeFi applications.”

Since Moonbeam used to be designed as an effortless on-ramp to Polkadot with total Ethereum compatibility, the present Chainlink trim contracts had been in a situation to be deployed to the Moonbeam TestNet without the need for refactoring or adjustments. Right here is made imaginable by Moonbeam’s additional toughen for Solidity trim contracts that goes past the EVM to encompass Ethereum-long-established tools, yarn formats, and signatures. As soon as parachain performance is dwell on Polkadot, this is in a position to presumably enable Solidity builders to re-deploy present contracts to the community without hiring new builders or drastically rewriting their codebase.

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