Heal Thyself with Leela Quantum Tech’s ‘Plan B’ Bitcoin Edition Quantum T-Shirt

Leela Quantum Tech (LQT), a firm engaged on improving the health and wellness of the inhabitants by the exercise of evolved technologies to make easy-to-exercise merchandise has launched a diversified Bitcoin model of the arena’s first Quantum T-Shirt. Aptly known as the Belief B model, this half of apparel comes with the slogan “It’s Time for PLAN ₿” in valorous as a tribute to the flagship cryptocurrency that has completely modified the global financial landscape and its solid community of supporters.

Now What the Heck is a Quantum T-Shirt?

For the uninitiated, it is a frequent-looking out t-shirt created the exercise of a diversified subject topic that lets in it to act as an armor against the imaginable substandard outcomes of diverse forms of electromagnetic radiations to which the physique is continually uncovered. As well, the T-Shirt is charged with obvious quantum vitality that also can fair literally enhance one’s vitality level and strengthen the immune gadget and normal effectively-being.

In at present’s world, we are surrounded by electronic instruments ranging from cellphones, computers, connected devices to microwaves ovens, televisions, and loads others, every of them emitting radiation in diversified frequencies. As a result, we continue to reside internal a exact, interwoven mesh of electromagnetic fields (EMF) which over time impacts our health and effectively-being. The subject topic extinct in quantum apparel no longer top disrupts the EMF to lower its substandard outcomes on the physique, nonetheless it furthermore gives the total physique with supportive quantum vitality, that also can fair furthermore be known as lifestyles drive vitality or zero-level vitality.


Leela Quantum Tech Makes the First Stride

LQT’s Quantum T-Shirt is the first of its variety in the market. It makes exercise of 99.9% silver materials to defend customers from EMF. The usage of silver particles in the fabric furthermore imparts the t-shirt with anti-micro organism and antiviral properties for added protection against disease-inflicting pathogens to a immense extent. Fixed with the firm, all of those properties strengthen the physique with extra lifestyles drive vitality that promotes self-therapeutic and boosts immune response.

The efficacy of Leela Quantum Tech T-Shirt is examined and licensed by two honest institutes viz., International Institute for Electrosmog Analysis IGEF Ltd – Europe’s supreme EMF study institute, and Bioenergetic Testing and Machine Analysis Institute, BESA. These assessments have confidence concluded that LQT’s Quantum T-Shirt is proper of providing protection against 99% of measurable 3G, 4G, 5G and other excessive-frequency radiation emitted by cellphones, Wi-Fi, and WLAN and that it demonstrates a essentially obvious form on organ characteristic, coronary heart price variability, and the autonomic anxious gadget. Extra, the scent neutralizing properties of the fabric makes the t-shirt an ideally proper outside and carrying wear.

Prefer with Crypto

LQT supports fiat as well to crypto funds. Customers can make a selection all their merchandise including the PLAN B Quantum T-shirt with leading cryptocurrencies enjoy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple and Dogecoin.

The list of quantum apparel and instruments readily accessible on LQT’s websites comprises capsules, hoodies, caps, socks, water bottles, canine collars, as well to special frequency playing cards for diverse exercise situations.

Gather your have confidence “It’s Time for PLAN ₿” Bitcoin model quantum t-shirt at – https://leelaq.com/product/leela-quantum-t-shirt-bitcoin-model/

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