Zumo introduces new crypto portfolio manager tracker feature

Zumo, a cryptocurrency wallet and funds platform, this day launched version 2.13 which introduces a brand unusual characteristic that permits customers to obviously peep and organize their general crypto sources in a easy and intuitive means. The Zumo ‘Smartfolio’ allows customers to easily peep their general crypto asset’s most contemporary and historical worth and how unheard of build (or loss) made on them over time.


The Smartfolio tracks the relative situation on all of a consumer’s exchanges and reveals them the procure situation of those trades as soon as worth fluctuations had been taken into legend.

Customers can space the time physique to verify how their asset values come by changed inner 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and all-inclusive timeframes. It is which which you might imagine to peep total sources as a pie graph or as a line graph.


The Zumo Smartfolio additional gives insights into which which you might imagine alternate opportunities that might perchance well also execute a profit. A Smartfolio “get” reveals essentially the most contemporary situation of sources and likewise how unheard of that would be constituted of a seemingly alternate in accordance with after they were purchased.

Zumo uses a weighted common to calculate the Smartfolio get, and the calculation is made by matching trying to obtain positions (aka within the event you equipped an asset and at what worth) alongside with your sells (within the event you sold it and at what worth), in the end calculating the profit or loss from every alternate.

A client’s Smartfolio get relies mostly absolute most reasonable on crypto-sources equipped or sold through the Zumo alternate. If a consumer transferred crypto sources from an external wallet into their Zumo legend, they’re integrated within the total displayed sources however are no longer stale when calculating the Smartfolio get.

Coming Soon

“The Zumo app goes to be crammed with extra revolutionary aspects than which you might shake a stick at; to boot to rapidly being ready to peep and have your total alternate history and your linked Smartfolio recordsdata, you’ll be ready to employ cryptocurrency alongside stale cash in day after day eventualities with the upcoming Zumo debit card. We’re working hard on this and are hoping to launch it for customers early in 2021.”

– The Zumo Crew

After successfully activating a Zumo legend and linking a UK checking legend, customers come by access to some wallets; Bitcoin, Ethereum, and GBP.

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