RenVM’s first smart wallet integration with Pillar is now live

Ren, an open protocol that enables the permissionless switch of worth between any blockchain, has announced that Pillar Wallet has integrated RenVM by strategy of RenJS. With the integration, Pillar Wallet customers can now without peril convert BTC without lengthen to WBTC (and at the moment renBTC).

Pillar Wallet lets customers residing up intellectual wallets, which are wallets customers can obtain better in case they lose their seed, by assigning restoration agents one day of setup. It moreover enables customers to residing spending limits, which provides safety in case an unauthorized particular person will get entry to a user’s pockets, as they’d be unable to withdraw extra than the day after day spending restrict, giving the user time to obtain better it.

This integration demonstrates RenVM’s composability, unsuitable-chain user abilities, and is a large step for cell-based entirely interoperability. It is some distance now are residing this day on Pillar Wallet in iOS or Android.


“It’s been a pleasure working with the Pillar Wallet team. Over the upcoming months we’ll proceed participating to provide a mountainous user abilities for his or her customers and potentially add extra property to the platform, so bear tuned! Onwards and upwards.”

– Michael Burgess, COO of Ren

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