Horizen Labs building custom sidechain for LTO Network to enhance user privacy

Horizen Labs to manufacture a custom sidechain bettering particular person privacy and integrating interoperable industry identification products with zero-data proof performance…

Horizen, a skills platform enabling companies and builders to invent their very have public or non-public blockchains, has announced a partnership with LTO Network, a hybrid blockchain for securing, verifying, and exchanging industry-extreme data.

By the partnership, Horizen will employ its Zendoo platform to manufacture LTO Network a dedicated non-public sidechain offering enhanced privacy and additional anchorage for his or her bigger than 85,000 each day shopper transactions.


LTO Network, which today announced a blockchain-enabled digital land registry tool challenge with the United Countries, runs a public-non-public hybrid blockchain diagram fascinated with identification verification. Horizen Labs, a number one company building and placing forward the Horizen platform, will invent a dedicated sidechain for LTO Network to present increased privacy for his or her each day community transactions.

The sidechain will leverage zero-data proof performance to substantiate that celebration A can be taught something particular about celebration B with out revealing all of celebration B’s underlying data, limiting what is uncovered whereas placing forward the entirety of on-chain data.

“Our partnership with Horizen will enable us to present an added layer of security whereas maintaining the GDPR compliance aspect. As data is considered one of the foremost foremost useful sources in our time perk, privacy of our shopper’s restful data have to peaceful be our top priority.” acknowledged Rick Schmitz, CEO of LTO Network. “We had been shopping for a methodology to further optimize and expand our product and services and products to lift our purchasers even extra glean choices and Horizen’s Zendoo sidechain changed into clearly the most basic possibility by methodology of scalability and extensibility.”

As well to building a sidechain, Horizen Labs will additionally work to integrate LTO Network’s industry identification (BID) product into its have ecosystem, establishing a truly interoperable BID product. The BID aspects a straightforward, one-click KYC for companies looking to affix the ecosystem.

“LTO Network has built a first-price blockchain industry spherical executive and institutional employ cases, and we’re enraged that they selected Horizen as their public blockchain partner,” acknowledged Rep Viglione, co-founding father of Horizen. “Our skills amplifies the price LTO Network can lift to their prospects, particularly in data privacy and security that scales.”

Zendoo, Horizen’s sidechain, and scaling solution, is the foremost fully decentralized and fully customizable sidechain protocol in the marketplace. The Zendoo platform will enable LTO Network to imprint effectively and snappy invent proper-world blockchain capabilities on Horizen’s fully dispensed, glean, and privacy-preserving structure.

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