Billon launches blockchain solution for private COVID-19 immunization certificate

The answer is correct for healthcare companies, public establishments, regulatory departments or any companies that have to review records on immunity records…




Endeavor DLT creator Billon Team has accomplished a milestone in supporting the need for privateness in COVID-19 vaccinations, with the originate of a new make of GDPR compliant disbursed ledger technology. The platform immutably stores any form of verifiable immunity certificate in a disbursed ledger (DLT) the assign apart finest the parties eager are conscious of a citizen’s assign apart.

This database functionality enables companies and agencies to tailor quit-client journeys to fulfill their wants. Immunization certificates are an anticipated milestone in accelerating the submit-pandemic restoration. With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, they’d plod up gradually and safely getting the financial system abet to “long-established.”

Billon CEO Wojtek Kostrzewa explains: “We request many governments will use paper-based fully records of who is vaccinated. In on the present time’s world, of us need digital alternatives to repeat proof of required vaccinations to enter restaurants, stores, public locations, and their field of work. Folk have to be definite their files is saved in a draw that it cannot be exploited. All can devour the profit of the privateness that comes from encrypted, personal files secured by our blockchain platform.”

Integrating personal identity with immunization documents in a compliant and tamper-proof manner on an accessible digital platform is required to the success of implementing immunity certificates. The immunity certificate brings together biometric files (for confirmation of identity) and vaccination verification (for confirmation of immunity).

The total solution has three predominant substances:

  1. Multi-tenant platform powered by Billon’s DLT serving as a abet-quit for storing and securely sharing identity files and immunization document;
  2. A credential generator for well being organizations executing and verifying vaccination;
  3. Digital entrance-quit journeys, which allow voters to use mobile gadgets to present their certificates the usage of QR codes.

Billon’s immunity certificate solution addresses appreciable gleaming, valid, and technological challenges relating to files security and identity security all over easy populations. As it is blockchain-based fully, it gives decentralized and immutable files storage – the rest level of legit, tamper-proof security. Once a certificate is linked to an ID, it is immutably saved, so it cannot be modified by any participating occasion. This characteristic ensures a person’s skill to manipulate and defend their files is now not compromised while mitigating the particular person’s and the final public well being risk.


  • For public establishments: The platform certifies who has carried out the immunization requirements. Immunity certificates linked to identity enable tamper-proof validation on a digital platform. This protects particular person privateness because the community operator cannot survey any files. Simplest the publishers and the particular person abet watch over the lovely to share files.
  • For companies: The platform gives a promising solution to companies for the length of the transition duration by ensuring net and net access and activity as an more than a few to heavy restrictions for longer sessions of time. Companies can link the solution to their wants, akin to “ready-to-work”, “net-to-commute”, and “net-to-enter” form of applications. Employers might perchance furthermore link the solution to security access systems, setting up a compliant, extremely net, and efficient solution to solve for access abet watch over.
  • For contributors: The platform lets contributors use their telephones or other digital gadgets to straight present proof of vaccination. As it gives on-quiz verification at entry elements, offices and public indoor areas are kept net for the length of the transition duration.

Innovate UK’s Quick Start Competition previously gave Billon Team a £50,000 grant to assemble a disbursed ledger platform to store COVID-19 related certificates to toughen workers’ net return to the sphere of work. This pilot scope, now sophisticated, progresses to a truly functioning prototype for sharing, storage, and verification of a broad quantity of field of work coaching and medical test documents. Billon is partnering with The Gekko Team for the compose and model of the buyer interface and mobile utility. The companies currently won a £326,000 grant to lift an answer to the market by the quit of Q1 2021. This brings the price of the project to over $400,000.

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