OKEx Launches Real-Time Settlement for Derivatives Trading

(Shutterstock/Piotr Swat)

OKEx Launches Proper-Time Settlement for Derivatives Trading

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has launched proper-time settlement for the procuring and selling of derivatives on its platform which contains futures, alternate suggestions, and swaps permitting customers to extinguish withdrawals at any time.

  • OKEx stated the specific-time settlement feature will handiest be on hand with the procuring and selling of the ADAUSD swap this day at 8 am UTC.
  • Old to the providing, transactions were in most cases settled at 4 pm UTC settlement duration every day. This change will enable exchange customers to withdraw their income at any time, stated the exchange.
  • OKEx stated the feature will then be rolled out to other predominant currency pairs and monetary devices on the platform over the coming months.

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