Staking Ethereum (ETH) is now live on Lido

The target with Lido is to clear up a quantity of the complications associated with  ETH 2.0 staking – illiquidity, immovability and accessibility – making staked ETH liquid and bearing in tips network participation with any quantity of ETH…




Lido, a liquid staking resolution for ETH 2.0 backed by a quantity of main blockchain staking services is now dwell. Somebody can straight away stake their ETH with Lido to contribute to the safety of the ETH network whereas incomes day-after-day rewards for doing so. Customers are ready to stake Ethereum with Lido to manufacture up to a maximum of 18.10% a year in staking rewards.

When staking with Lido, users rep stETH tokens on a 1:1 basis representing their staked ETH. These stETH balances would possibly maybe most seemingly additionally additionally be musty like weird and wonderful ETH to manufacture yields and lending rewards, and are up up to now on a day-after-day basis to reflect staking rewards.


  • Customers can stake no topic quantity they wish; there are now no longer any minimal Ethereum staking deposits with Lido.
  • Receive stETH when staking; a tokenized model of staked ETH, which price updates day-after-day to reflect your earned staking rewards.
  • Stake straight away from Metamask, Ledger, or one more wallet of desire (there isn’t any longer this sort of thing as a trust to trust a centralized entity with staking).
  • When users stake with Lido they stake across a converse of proven validators with a tune account of success in the self-discipline of staking to diminish slashing and hostage risks.

Ethereum Staking Rewards

The Ethereum staking reward payment is variable and changes in step with the whole quantity of ETH staked. If the whole quantity of ETH staked is low then the reward payment can be greater, with a maximum annual reward payment of 18.10%.

Lido applies a 10% price on staking rewards, wreck up between node operators, the DAO, and an insurance coverage fund. This price would possibly maybe most seemingly additionally additionally be changed by the DAO pending a a hit vote.

The exclaim of stETH Token

When staking ETH with Lido, users rep stETH to reflect their staked Ethereum. This stETH token represents staked ETH, with its price altering day-after-day to reflect earned staking rewards. Once transactions are enabled on Eth2, users can redeem their staked ETH utilizing stETH.

stETH is a liquid token which would possibly maybe most seemingly even be traded, sent, lent, and more, allowing users to take part in DeFi actions even after staking.

“Over the arrival weeks, we can be seeing the increase of the Lido and stETH ecosystem, with stETH evolving as a constructing block for other applications and protocols. As an increasing sort of applications open to enable for interaction with stETH, the benefits of liquid Ethereum staking will change into an increasing sort of evident. As well to this, we purpose to peer the increase in Lido DAO discussions, with incoming proposals on validator admissions, price distributions, and more.”

– The Lido Crew

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