Waves to offer collateral protection on USDN stablecoin with UNION platform

Waves, an initiate blockchain protocol and vogue toolset for decentralized options, this day announced a partnership with UNION, a beefy-stack safety platform for the DeFi space.

UNION will offer its collateral safety product to future lending protocols that utilize Waves’ Neutrino USD (USDN) and dapper contract safety to the inter-chain conversation protocol Gravity.

“Waves’ entire DeFi resolution with a estimable market attain is the very most fascinating platform for building UNION’s entire DeFi safety,” says John Liu, CPO of UNION. “We peep forward to advancing the industry collectively in 2021 with an inclusive, in discovering, and accessible portal.”


“The exponential speak of USDN allowed us to call set an say to for evolved anguish administration and asset safety products,” provides Sten Laureyssens, Strategic Marketing consultant for the Waves Affiliation. “UNION’s mission to give beefy-stack DeFi safety that decreases the barrier to entry for retail, while evolved sufficient for institutional merchants, is accurately aligned with our skill.”

“As we step into 2021, our integration via Gravity can be a if truth be told necessary-for-speak milestone to reduce multi-layered dangers in our ecosystem,” he goes on to teach.


The near-term cooperation between UNION and Waves will consist of a series of liquidity provision programs in conjunction with a UNN/USDN liquidity pool on Uniswap, a UNN/USDN pair on Waves.Change and strengthen for the UNN/USDN pair on UNION’s Geyser liquidity pool. The actual alternate rate can be clear on the time of the pair’s advent, according to the prevalent market stamp.

UNION will also be used in Waves’ future products according to the lending mannequin. For instance, customers of such products can be introduced on to lift over-collateralization safety (OC) for a top rate. Within the case of a liquidation space off, will maintain to mute the OC ratio tumble beneath a explicit threshold, the UNN safety product can be known as to luxuriate in the part of the OC protected while the borrower will pay the leisure distinction.

UNION will also collaborate with Waves on issuing a dapper contract safety instrument for Gravity in Q1 2021. The product will present additional security to the technology, ruling out human components, a lot like node collusion. While Gravity utilizes mathematically proven multi-birthday celebration computation (MPC) security for its resources held in decentralized custody, UNION will offer an additional safety layer for customers of Gravity’s contaminated-chain system.

Deposits via Gravity, USDN-connected dApps, or even future Waves lending protocols will provoke a suggested to add a explicit safety product for a top rate or forgo the protection sooner than finalizing the deposit. UNION will render an intuitive integration and UI for the product, simplifying the asset safety activity for Waves customers.

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