Gold Bug Peter Schiff’s Understanding of Money is Flawed, Says His Pro-Bitcoin Son

Gold bug Peter Schiff has been publicly confronted by his 18-year-faded son, a bitcoin proponent, on the topic of price. Calling his dad’s notion of cash “Wrong,” Spencer Schiff made the statement in protection of TV Personality Max Keiser, who was having an argument with Peter on Twitter.

‘Your Working out of Money is Wrong’

Gold bug Peter Schiff was confronted by his son, Spencer Schiff, on Monday after he accused TV persona and bitcoin proponent Max Keiser of no longer notion the conception that of fiat money.


“Essentially based on Max Keiser, I oppose bitcoin because I’m a fiat addict. In the bizarro world of bitcoin, gold is the new fiat,” Peter Schiff tweeted. “Clearly, Max Keiser doesn’t understand the conception that of fiat, or how it differs from legitimate currency or valid money. That explains his bitcoin fixation.” At the time of this writing, his tweet bought 354 feedback and was liked 877 cases and retweeted 67 cases.

Among those who commented was his son, an 18-year-faded bitcoin proponent. Spencer Schiff, a college freshman and student of Austrian economics, answered to his father’s tweet:

Your notion of cash is mistaken. You suspect the principle determinant of a money’s soundness is possession of ‘intrinsic price’, a nonsensical conception. What differentiates sound money from fiat money is the worn’s emergence on the free market slightly than by coercive Advise edicts.

Many commenters praised Spencer for hanging Peter Schiff in his location, with some questioning if he was adopted. Keiser also liked Spencer’s tweet, pointing out that “The future belongs to bitcoiners. The boomers don’t earn it. The millennials and Genz form.” He also urged others to follow Spencer on Twitter.

“By all come follow my son,” Peter Schiff answered. “However no longer because he has a soft space for bitcoin. He’s nasty about that. Note him for the total things he gets felony. He’s no monetary student yet, however he’s engaged on it. Losing money on bitcoin will be a dear, however precious phase of his schooling.”

Peter Schiff and Max Keiser have long been tweeting backward and forward about bitcoin and gold. Keiser has predicted that Peter Schiff will scare procedure shut bitcoin at $50,000, proper like Warren Buffett and lots of diverse bitcoin naysayers, at the side of Price Cuban and Jim Rogers.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Keiser claimed: “Maintain… I started telling Peter Schiff to procedure shut bitcoin at $1. And kept telling him to procedure shut it at $10 $100 $1000.”

Peter Schiff suddenly contradicted Keiser, arguing: “I form no longer recall you ever talking to me about bitcoin when the cost was that low. Since so principal about bitcoin is a lie anyway, I grunt you feel that at the side of a pair of more makes puny inequity.”

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