Telos launches conditional NFT protocol allowing crypto projects to unlock liquidity

‘T-Bonds’ are NFTs that accomplish similarly to U.S. Treasury Bonds, allowing crypto projects to sell tokens which would be locked unless maturity stipulations are met…

Telos, a blockchain network and platform, currently announced the launch of T-Bond NFTs, a fresh fusion of DeFi and NFTs as a tool for unlocking liquidity. T-Bonds allow tokens to be locked into transferable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which would be then unlocked when the maturity date or varied maturity stipulations are met. These T-Bond NFTs could well perchance be equipped or traded on secondary markets for funding or as a yield hedge for tokens offering staking rewards, worthy like U.S. Treasury Bonds or “T-Payments.”

This day, projects face essential challenges when fundraising in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. A in type bother is when a mission sells tokens at a lowered rate to enhance a technical milestone, corresponding to a mainnet launch. Because the firm then makes tokens accessible thru exchanges, patrons immediately capitalize on any early low cost they received by selling their tokens. This undermines the aim of the distinctive token sale, which is to sustainably make stronger the mission’s lengthy-duration of time development.


T-Bond NFTs resolve this by allowing cryptocurrency projects to sell tokens which would be locked in an NFT unless the T-Bond’s maturity stipulations are met. While the commonest maturity situation would be a explain date, it will even be in response to milestones corresponding to the free up of a mission’s testnet, mainnet, or varied technical feature, or perchance a explain token stamp.

If a purchaser wants ranking admission to to liquidity earlier than the maturity situation is met, they are able to simply sell their NFT on any supported secondary market. A T-Bond NFT can commerce fingers as on the total as wanted unless its lifespan is reached, at which time the modern proprietor can free up its liquidity.

“T-Bond NFTs provide a fresh and extremely efficient option for any mission in the hunt for funding in response to future technical success. Abet in the ICO development and persevering with silent, some distance too many projects have raised funds supreme to appreciate their token plummet in payment and crew make stronger dwindle. T-Bond NFTs originate an ecosystem where projects can elevate funds thru merchants, who in flip have the freedom to sell their NFTs on the secondary market without impacting the token stamp. This facilitates a vastly more sustainable mannequin by harnessing the fresh synergy between DeFi and NFTs.”

– Douglas Horn, Chief Architect of the Telos blockchain

DAOs or crypto projects of any style can bother T-Bonds

T-Bonds have a lifecycle with three classes: Creation, Possess/Change, and Maturity. T-Bond NFTs are equipped by their issuer to an initial purchaser for one more forex at a low cost to compensate the issuer for the illiquid nature of the underlying tokens. T-Bond NFTs are no longer technically a bond, in consequence of no longer like a bond, which is a debt instrument, a T-Bond transfers possession of the underlying tokens at any time when the NFT is equipped, so there could be by no system a debt created.

Like bonds, the valuation of a T-Bond NFT is the feature of its face payment linked to its expected time to attain maturity relative to different kinds of yield. With tokens that provide staking rewards, T-Bonds can watch their modern payment rise if the staking reward yield drops, and vice-versa, developing an opportunity for hedging or speculating on yields.

Preliminary employ-case

The first employ of T-Bond NFTs shall be by Telos itself because it uses modern TLOS reserves to originate a huge ETH/TLOS liquidity pool on Uniswap as phase of the newly launched TULIP thought. The sale shall be organized interior two weeks. Extra recordsdata on the inaugural TLOS T-Bond NFT sale shall be announced interior 48 hours earlier than the sale commences on telos.receive, where there could be also more info about how one can participate. The Telos team believes others will observe, the employ of the originate-provide tools and clinical doctors supplied by the network.

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