Blockpass employs Chainlink on mainnet to provide on-chain KYC across multiple blockchains

Blockpass, the KYC and AML screening utility-as-a-service for crypto, this day introduced its mainnet delivery as a data supplier on the Chainlink Network, the most fundamentally feeble decentralized oracle solution within the blockchain ecosystem. This integration will result in Blockpass, by device of its bear Chainlink node managed by LinkPool, offering seamless and salvage on-chain KYC data across the total leading blockchain platforms. The potentialities created by this are big and can entail multiple products and companies for proving age, geography, and investor classification, amongst others.

Noteworthy fancy the oracles in extinct times, entities on the blockchain turn to oracles as a source of data that comes from originate air their body of reference – data they might be able to honest now not procure themselves. At Delphi, guests would focus on to the Pythia and procure the wisdom of the god Apollo for solutions to deep or well-known questions; on a blockchain, entities reminiscent of perfect contracts can keep external recordsdata or data from an oracle in repeat to compose serious on-chain choices. As an example, a blockchain-basically based mostly gaming app would perchance use an oracle to attach the procure of a soccer match earlier than settling of enterprise, or an on-chain condominium agreement would perchance honest rely on an oracle to reveal it when the categorical fee is made into an off-chain sage earlier than unlocking the condominium property.

Oracles are attributable to this fact well-known to allow blockchains to connect and alternate data with the true world. Chainlink has established itself as the market-leader in blockchain oracles by offering a foremost number of ensures to users, including completely audited and time-examined originate-source oracle utility, the flexibility to cryptographically signal data on-chain to prove its integrity as coming from the intended source, reputation systems and itemizing products and companies so users can take a look at the efficiency of oracle nodes, and a blockchain agnostic create that can dangle data accessible to all most modern and future blockchains from a single framework.


At the same time as blockchain skills holds enormous doubtless to revolutionize multiple industries, with solutions that generate big time and efficiency financial savings for existing alternate processes and even seed fully fresh alternate items, it has also suffered within the past from an absence of regulation and compliance. With out the protection supplied by regulatory oversight and the flexibility to prove compliance, the blockchain alternate is aloof tormented by an absence of belief, which has restricted its adoption by veteran monetary entities and left users originate to scams and malicious actors. With out a technique to title entities infected about a blockchain utility, many well-known use instances can now not operate in a depended on manner in conserving with most modern regulations. These realizations, and the necessity of identification products and companies, led to the pattern of Blockpass.

Blockpass is a digital identity verification supplier that gives a one-click on compliance gateway to monetary products and companies and completely different regulated industries. Thru Blockpass, users can originate, retailer, and arrange a data-salvage digital identity that will doubtless be feeble for a complete ecosystem of products and companies, token purchases, and regulated alternate access. For companies and retailers, Blockpass is a complete KYC & AML SaaS that requires no integration or setup stamp. It is doubtless you’ll situation up a service in minutes, take a look at the service without cost, and delivery verifying and on-boarding users.

By combining the 2 technologies, Blockpass and Chainlink can provide an answer that the blockchain ecosystem desperately wants – automated on-chain KYC in a blockchain-agnostic manner. When Blockpass turn out to be first created, the driving force within the encourage of its pattern turn out to be offering identities for every factor or particular person on the blockchain in repeat to facilitate interactions by device of on-chain identities. Despite this, placing private recordsdata onto an immutable blockchain generates private and regulatory conflicts, particularly where data privacy is anxious. Thru Chainlink’s progressive oracle solution, dApps can use the BlockPass Chainlink oracle to originate KYC and identity verification assessments on more than a few blockchains in a straightforward, edifying, and compliant manner, all without ever placing private data on-chain. Blockpass will also cryptographically signal the info it posts on-chain by device of the uncommon private key of our Chainlink node, giving users even greater assurances that it got here instruct from the source and turn out to be now not tampered with.

This allows the Chainlink Network to give a hang to an evolution in regulatory compliant DeFi applications by device of Blockpass’ uncommon KYC Connect solution and verification products and companies.

Talking on this pattern, Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri talked about: “The alternative of working with Chainlink turn out to be genuinely a no-brainer for us. We half distinctly identical values spherical the importance of security, the ask for on-chain compliance, and the flexibility of decentralization. This integration will allow us to compose what we’ve constantly been training, provide KYC and virtual asset/blockchain compliance data on-chain across multiple blockchains. We first introduced the field to the premise of anon-chain KYC supplier, which turn out to be why we constructed Blockpass within the first situation – and now with the lend a hand of Chainlink it’s finally in production.”

Also commenting on the integration, Head of Chainlink Industry Development Daniel Kochis acknowledged: “We’re infected to empower developers spherical the field searching out for to compose regulatory compliant DeFi applications by offering them with on-chain access to Blockpass’s KYC/AML products and companies by device of Chainlink. This growth in data accessible to perfect contract developers will give a hang to a subsequent wave of extra fine DeFi merchandise, particularly those searching out for to compose or access on-chain monetary merchandise with constructed-in compliance.”

Blockpass has grown tremendously in dimension and use since its inception, both within the number and differ of users and companies it has partnered with, and the scope of its work. Blockpass continues to assemble its digital identity protocol with updates and additions to toughen the compliance experience. Blockpass has seen all of sudden rising numbers of users within the past three hundred and sixty five days as its identity verification solution is feeble for ICOs, STOs, and IEOs, including supporting a series of winning fundraisers within the past few months.

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