Canaan Launches Submerged Liquid-Cooled Bitcoin Miner, Noiseless Device Boasts 50 Terahash

The publicly listed ASIC mining rig producer, Canaan, has launched the birth of a brand recent submerged liquid-cooled bitcoin miner known as the Avalonminer A1066I. Canaan claims the recent immersion cooling miner is noiseless and in a position to considerable overclocking, because the miner’s cooling machine will increase energy efficiency by 78%.

The China-primarily based mostly and Nasdaq-listed bitcoin mining rig producer, Canaan, has revealed a brand recent bitcoin miner with some animated attributes. The recent miner is named the Avalon Immersion Cooling Miner (A1066I) and its parts are designed to operate while being submerged under liquid coolant.


Basically based fully totally on Canaan’s internet page stats, the submerged liquid-cooled Avalonminer A1066I processes bitcoin and other SHA256 cash at around 50 terahash per 2nd (TH/s). The most modern Avalonminer also pulls 3400W off the wall, and claims to bring a energy efficiency of 64 joules per terahash (J/TH).

“The Immersion Cooling Miner (ICM) boasts an overclocking ratio of up to 45%,” Canaan’s website specs existing. “Its single module finest requires two hash boards which provides computing capabilities equivalent to three air-cooled hash boards— offering considerable worth-efficiencies per terabyte for clients.”

Canaan Launches Submerged Liquid-Cooled Bitcoin Miner, Noiseless Device Boasts 50 Terahash

Canaan specs video show that the ICM is also in a position to running 90 mining module deployments concurrently. The firm exiguous print that in comparability to the company’s Avalonminer A1246 sequence, which is air/fan-cooled, the ICM sees an lengthen of up to 78% in energy efficiency.

The recent ICM machine boasts a noiseless journey to boot, because the specs video show the modules mosey in liquid coolant. Canaan believes that the warmth nick price can crimson meat up a mining farm’s cooling expenditures, shall we embrace, the costs to mosey lovely followers.

Being submersible, the Avalonminer A1066I component operation eliminates mud absorption to boot, which is a deterioration ingredient for prime-powered ASIC bitcoin miners. “This [system] helps to nick electrostatic hurt attributable to interior microdust particles, thereby prolonging the machine’s lifespan,” Canaan’s internet portal says.

Canaan is no longer the first mining producer to make a water-cooled bitcoin mining rig, however, competitor machines. As an instance, reported on Bitmain’s Antminer S9 Hydro that processes hashrate speeds at 18 trillion hashes per 2nd (TH/s). Equally, the S9’s water cooling machine makes the ASIC rig much less noisy, it eliminates mud particles, and is extra energy-efficient per the firm. However, the 18TH/s Antminer S9 Hydro provides a long way much less terahash than most of today time’s prime miners.

Cherish every Avalonminers, Canaan’s webshop does no longer point to the Avalonminer A1066I ticket, and fervent clients must contact a Canaan advisor for costs. 50 trillion hashes per 2nd is about half the hashrate output that just a number of the cease-performing mining rigs on the market today time plan. As an instance, Bitmain’s S19 Expert mining rig is the most a success SHA256 miner with 110TH/s. At around $0.12 per kilowatts per hour (kWh), the S19 Expert (110TH/s) makes over $19 a day.

Canaan’s Avalonminer 1066 produces roughly the identical output because the submerged hydro-cooled Avalonminer A1066I, because it processes 50TH/s and pulls 3250W from the wall. At $0.12 per kWh and today time’s BTC mining discipline, 50TH/s makes around 0.000095 BTC per day or around three U.S. bucks the exhaust of today time’s commerce rates.

2d-hand ASIC retailers are promoting the aged 50TH/s air-cooled Canaan fashions for wherever between $790 to $899 per unit, so the most recent submerged hydro-cooled Avalonminer is on the full costlier. Furthermore, $0.12 per kWh for electricity is a high price and most a success operations are getting electricity for $0.06 per kWh or worthy much less.

What attain you take into sage Canaan’s recent submersible liquid-cooled bitcoin miner? Allow us to know what you take into sage this discipline in the feedback half below.

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