Cross-chain DEX platform Sifchain deploys Cosmos-Ethereum bridge

Sifchain, an omni-chain solution for DEXes constructed with the Cosmos SDK, has announced that it has efficiently deployed Peggy, a Cosmos-Ethereum bridge on its Monkey Bars testnet.

Sifchain is a cryptocurrency alternate protocol constructed on Cosmos SDK and ought to light target 20–25 blockchains (similar to Bitcoin, BinanceChain, Polkadot, Ethereum, Stellar, and EOS) for negative-chain integration. This can even simplify the route of of blockchain integration, reducing the approach route of for the Cosmos community so as that additional negative-chain integrations shall be sign minimized in relation to money and developer sources.

Sifchain’s purpose is for fresh blockchains to take into accounts negative-chain integration along with-known as a wallet or block explorer. Liquidity from all cryptocurrencies can then be accessed on-chain, permitting the coordinated deployment of capital from all cryptocurrencies by DAOs.



Sifchain has deployed a continual deployment of Peggy on a standing testnet, in parallel with Althea’s model of Peggy. Sifchain will leverage the energy of the Cosmos SDK to deploy a Peggy chain on mainnet. Sifchain uses Cosmos’ grasp department Peggy with work created by the Swish Labs crew beneath an Interchain Foundation grant. Love Althea Peggy, Sifchain’s come to Peggy enables customers of ETH and ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum to form pegged tokens on a Cosmos Network chain.

In every systems, an Ethereum particular person can ship tokens from their Ethereum wallet to a Peggy tidy contract working on Ethereum. Peggy validators gazing the Peggy tidy contract withhold those Ethereum tokens in a lockup team and mint a corresponding allocation of pegged tokens to a particular person’s Cosmos Network wallet take care of.

The variation between the two lies in their crypto-financial security mannequin. Althea Peggy uses a Proof of Authority mannequin whereby customers settle for the credibility of a preserve location of pre-ordained validators that operate the Peggy bridge. A negative-chain transaction is verified if the pre-ordained validators dispute it legitimate above a definite threshold.

In distinction, Sifchain uses a Peggy deployment with a Staked Threshold mannequin whereby Peggy validators stake collateral to fetch the bridge and they also are discipline to slashing as per Tendermint consensus principles on every the Cosmos SDK chain and the Ethereum tidy contract facet of that bridge. This solves the aforementioned crypto-financial security plan back on the bridge. In alternate for being discipline to slashing, validators salvage a service payment. Althea trades off have faith minimization in alternate for easy salvage whereas Sifchain trades off easy salvage for maximizing trustlessness supported by crypto-financial incentives.

“We behold Peggy’s deployment as a trademark moment for disclose of the Cosmos Network. With Peggy and IBC, Ethereum customers shall be ready to make exercise of their ETH and ERC20 tokens on Cosmos SDK platforms similar to Kava, Akash, Terra, e-Money, IRIS, Secret Network, and for sure, the Cosmos Hub. Cosmos Network customers can even be ready to make exercise of their tokens on Ethereum and preserve wait on of its dapp community. Cryptocurrency holders on either facet shall be ready to preserve wait on of the benefits of 1 chain whereas keeping a method on a token native to 1 other, bringing us one step closer to Sifchain’s mission of connecting liquidity on all blockchains.”

– The Sifchain Crew

Those can fetch details on Sifchain’s Peggy implementation on GitHub.

Built with the Cosmos SDK, Sifchain processes significantly more transactions per second than Ethereum, making it 100x more efficient than the present leading DEXes. This equates to sooner trades and lowers prices. Sifchain combines the very best aspects of liquidity pools and portray books for optimum portray execution. the platform also enables for conditional market and restrict orders, at the side of end loss and preserve profit orders.

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