Arculus unveils credit card-sized cryptocurrency cold storage device

Arculus immediately unveiled a wintry storage instrument for cryptocurrency that presents straightforward-to-utilize performance along with improved 3-aspect authentication safety in a slim metallic develop aspect. The Arculus Key card requires no battery or charging, and is the size and shape of a bank card that presents a in actuality air-gapped crypto key storage solution that connects to a mobile app through an encrypted NFC connection.

The Arculus Wallet mobile app offers intuitive controls, improved safety protection, and the capability to govern extra than one cryptocurrency wallets in a single instrument.

How It Works

The Arculus Key card without map back and reliably connects to the Arculus Wallet mobile app by tapping it on the advantage of the phone, providing elevated mobility without sacrificing safety or wanting a battery. This allows simply 3-aspect authentication safety all over different develop components:

  1. Something You Know – The Arculus Wallet app requires a 6-digit personal PIN to fetch entry to the records.
  2. Something You Are – The Arculus Wallet app leverages the biometric safety systems on mobile gadgets (e.g., fingerprint or facial recognition).
  3. Something You Hang – Ranked as one amongst the ultimate assurance levels of safety, the Arculus Key card contains an EAL 6+ embedded real component that holds your encrypted keys and would possibly well per chance be bodily arrangement the mobile instrument to enable transactions.

If a buyer loses their Arculus Key card, they’ll restore their wallets with a chain of recovery passphrases created in the fashioned account profile. The list of passphrases would possibly well also simply aloof be kept individually from the mobile instrument and card.

The Arculus Wallet app enables users to send, glean, and change cryptocurrency by merely the usage of the “faucet to transact” authentication, which enables the consumer to soundly authorize the transaction with the Arculus Key card. The app retail outlets different crypto wallets and supports the total tip coins/tokens by market, including:

● Bitcoin


● Ethereum

● Bitcoin Cash


● Tether (USDT-ERC20)

● Litecoin

● Dia



● Uniswap (UNI)

● BUSD Token

● Aave token

With Arculus, buyers can space up all their crypto resources, send funds to others, change fiat currency for crypto, or swap crypto-to-crypto. Here is all completed while sustaining simply, air-gapped signing, and safety aspects.


The Arculus Key card shall be accessible in Q2 of 2021 to each consumer and enterprise purchasers. The e-commerce situation will poke reside in February 2021, and buyers would possibly well also simply additionally be added to the waiting list for the Arculus Key card. The free Arculus Wallet app shall be accessible for iOS and Android gadgets in Q1 of 2021 at no cost glean.

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