Lepricon introduces blockchain-based prediction games platform

Lepricon, a community-owned and ruled prediction games platform that enables stakers, developers, and avid gamers to abilities some tremendous benefits of DeFi in a gamified arrangement, currently has formally announced the starting up of its community-owned and ruled prediction gaming platform space for mid-2021.

The platform offers an without effort accessible hyper-casual gaming abilities with a decentralized finance layer connected by its private running and governance token, L3P.

Holders of L3P can play games, fund game development initiatives, form perceive-to-perceive prediction liquidity pools, gain unfamiliar non-fungible tokens that confer particular privileges, stake their L3P to liquidity pools to create a return, and swap them for various ERC-20 tokens and currencies. All of these activities provide the chance to set aside extra L3P tokens.


“The gaming and blockchain industries are no longer simplest rising, but they’re also merging,” talked about Joshua Galloway, Founder & CEO of Lepricon. “Gamers understand in-game currencies and the thought that of unfamiliar or rare objects. Now, those currencies will exist open air of the game as tokens and rare objects as NFTs, ensuing from of blockchain technology, rising valid participant-toddle economies.

Initial Originate Video games

Lepricon will delivery with three games; Bitpool, a binary alternatives bitcoin shopping and selling game; KQJ, a straight forward card prediction game; and FansPredict, a platform for fan-created predictions on any future they admire to wager. Lepricon will open the platform to third-birthday celebration developers to blueprint games and various vow material for the Lepricon platform by a custom-made tool development equipment.

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