Darwinia partners with Cere on Polkadot ecosystem development

Cere Network, a blockchain CRM ecosystem platform optimized for buyer files integration and collaboration, this day announced its partnership with Darwinia, an begin notorious-chain bridge protocol in accordance with Substrate.

By this technical partnership, Cere will continue enhancing its product offering for enterprises that are linked with the Polkadot ecosystem. Darwinia would possibly per chance also join the SaaS-Defi alliance, which is determined to attach universal protocol requirements for the project DeFi map and beef up communications between enterprises and the DeFi ecosystem. Diverse people of the SaaS-DeFi alliance encompass Binance Honest Chain, Elrond, Chainlink, Matic, and extra.

Cere + Darwinia

Darwinia Network has built a heterogeneous notorious-chain resolution with out having to count on third-occasion multi-signatures. This diagram, Darwinia can join Cere to all kinds of heterogeneous chains look after Ethereum and Polkadot. For their resolution, Darwinia received extra than one Web3 grants and it’s piece of the Substrate Builder program.


Vice versa, Darwinia will attach basically the most of Cere’s Decentralized Knowledge Cloud for its potentialities, on condition that Cere’s tooling would possibly per chance per chance also just furthermore be extended to any Polkadot/Substrate essentially based fully network.

“Partnering up with Darwinia is a severe next step for Cere. We are infected to elongate Cere’s merchandise, files and sources to an expanding series of assorted blockchains using Darwinia’s technology.”

– Cere Network CEO, Fred Jin

The integration of Darwinia’s Golden Gate bridge with Cere’s Project ecosystem is expected to be launched in Q2 2021.

“ We’re infected to be working with the Cere crew, and contain that the implementation of Darwinia bridge in the Cere ecosystem will abet flourish the Project DeFi Ecosystem.”

– Darwinia CEO, Danny Wang

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