Building a Decentralized and Uncensorable Internet — The Nexus Protocol

PRESS RELEASE. On December 21st, 2020, the Nexus Protocol white paper used to be released. The modern net will be driven by a blockchain-essentially based working machine (LX-OS) and communications protocol (Nexus Protocol), that will be linked by a disbursed satellite-essentially based mesh community. The white paper contains technical specs and mathematical devices that showcase and show the viability, cost proposition, and practicality of this original architectural framework.

Network Structure


Web 3.0 or Decentralized Web (DWeb), has been coined because the next evolution of the uncover, with the promise of emancipating digital communication by lowering users’ reliance on a remove out few corporations and technologies, to in the kill diminish the dominance of conglomerates. The Nexus Protocol takes this a step extra, by decentralizing and democratizing the community infrastructure hardware and instrument. A community consisting of tokenized micro-satellites, ground stations, and phased array antennas receive the backbone of the infrastructure, that will present an different to centralized Web Carrier Companies (ISPs).

Tokenized Micro-satellite Constellations will present the different for folk to possess half of the uncover’s bodily infrastructure, receive equity, and take part in decentralized governance. Micro-satellites will operate in many Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations to present low latency and initiate uncover entry to to the Nexus Protocol globally. The white paper means that future documentation will present extra specs, along side the minimal sequence of satellites required to receive an preliminary community and constellation simulations. An extra satellite cost proposition is the inclusion of the upcoming Nexus LLD filesystem that will enable contributors to barter net hosting contracts between entities, and generate philosophize Return On Funding (ROI) from the on hand flash memory. Under is a summary of the possess:

  • Every constellation is represented by a special assign of dwelling of fungible tokens created on Nexus.
  • Possession and no longer considerable voting rights are maintained by equity represented by these tokens.
  • Earnings generated from the constellation is robotically dispersed to the owners by token rewards.
  • Direct economic advantages are offered to entities that deploy satellites, corresponding to how mining incentivizes the constructing of a blockchain.
  • Micro-satellites will present popularity-essentially based community services and products to supplement the routing machine between ground stations and their aggregated consumers.

Floor Stations will operate in a cell-like topology, performing just a few the heavy community processing and supplying localized jabber, edge computing, and routing services and products. At the same time as phased array antennas will be utilized to succor the hyperlink to the micro-satellites in LEO. This fashion of antenna is electrically steered and may per chance ticket high gains and mobility, thus it has been chosen for sustained two-way communication between the satellites and ground stations. In the case of terminate-person uncover entry to, there are two requirements presently being belief to be: Wi-Fi native sizzling-spots and cellular LTE technology.

The ground infrastructure will present jabber start services and products to native networks, increasing the different for ground space operators to generate ROI. Operators will be in a local to present geo-spatial cache services and products, in verbalize to present a form of jabber start speeds to their native customers.

Frequency allocation is considerable to guaranteeing the Nexus Protocol meets the just of a free and initiate protocol, final unrestricted and unowned by any single celebration. To receive that, this can exhaust the 5.8 GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band that does no longer require licensing or possess limits on antenna gains. The white paper also contains a mathematical proof modelling hyperlink viability all the way in which thru the chosen ISM band’s restrictions.

Running System

LX-OS, a Nexus Running System (OS) namely designed for the Nexus Protocol, is presently beneath pattern to crimson meat up hardware abstractions, security requirements and decrease overall probability to embedded devices, micro-satellites, and consumer grade hardware. These security qualities are enforced by leveraging the Nexus blockchain for person authentication and data verification. The LX-OS will on the origin be marketed for micro-satellites and IoT devices, as every is extensively identified for vulnerabilities. These industries can profit vastly from the enhanced protection and dynamic administration capabilities.

Sport Idea

The infrastructure parts are elegantly woven along with an economic mannequin designed to nurture the moderately about a earnings streams, in verbalize to in the kill present humanity with free uncover entry to to net services and products globally whilst increasing universal economic opportunities. Right here is reinforced with mathematical devices that resist monopolization by de-monetizing predatory behaviors, thus increasing incentives to cooperatives.

A Original Web

The Nexus Protocol integrates into the TAO framework, a seven layer instrument stack that enables the simplified implementation of trim contracts, DApps, tokens, and sources (NFT’s) thru a assign of dwelling of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

In step with factual initiate source crypto values, to maintain the white paper as an initiate specification, it used to be time stamped and recorded on the Nexus blockchain beneath asset title US:NP-WP. It’s publicly on hand thru the Nexus API. is a neighborhood driven venture with the accepted imaginative and prescient of a world inspired by innovation and to blame values, gargantuan technology, and the fundamental quality of connection being ubiquitous, free, and on hand to all and sundry.

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