The Brilliant Minds Behind the BTC Ultimatum Project, and Their New CEO, Eric Ma

  • BTC Ultimatum (BTCU) has been created for the reach of revolutionary blockchain choices – Prof-it Blockchain Ltd.
  • BTCU is led by globally recognised consultants in blockchain and crypto, featuring founder Nikolai Udianskyi, high ten crypto industry leaders at the World level; and CEO Eric Ma, a outdated core member of CoinMarketCap
  • Key people of the manager team comprise COO Bohdan Prilepa,
  • Dinis Guarda, a number one blockchain and digital sources personality joins as Workers Consultant Procedure and Constructing;
  • Juliet Su founding father of Digital Week On-line joins as Industry Constructing Officer;
  • CTO Andriy Saranenko and CMO Vadim Yarmak
  • They situation the duty to set a assorted blockchain protocol and put in power a respond that might perhaps per chance meet the total requirements of the contemporary crypto community.

Constructed as a subsequent-gen blockchain primarily primarily primarily based on Bitcoin fork, the BTCU team aims to set a brand restful mining algorithm – UPoS (Ultimatum PoS)-, provision of dapper contract, implementation of atomic swaps, and integration of Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). As blockchain builders, they deem insufficient advise and integration of key sides of blockchain applied sciences is the lacking fragment on the order of mass adoption.

The management team is fashioned by industry leaders with in depth ride within the blockchain and crypto space. The BTCU project is led by CEO Eric Ma and Nikolai Udianskiy. Eric Ma is a outdated core member of CoinMarketCap. He is an great leader with sturdy ride in building groundwork as well to within the growth of an organization. He understands the importance of community because the foundational layer of a successful project and appears to advise BTCU as an industry leader.


“As the CEO of BTCU, I watch technological innovation because the main driver. With the ask for blockchain technology persevering with to develop, along side our talented team, I’m able to support lead BTCU to become one in all the tip cryptocurrencies on the planet!”, says Eric.

On the assorted hand, CEO Nikolai Udianskiy has 7+ years of ride in increasing, constructing, and investing in crypto projects. Nikolay is one in all the tip ten crypto consultants at the area level. He took piece within the creation and originate of 5 of the 50 main crypto exchanges including Coinsbit, which has entered the list of high 10 exchanges of the area in only correct two years. The company no longer too long ago reported a million customers and continues to develop. He is additionally the founding father of the EVO country club project — the Silicon Valley for firms and blockchain advise projects. Nikolai Udianskiy is additionally the founder and CEO of a marketing agency that specialize in promoting crypto projects –; Founding father of ASSUR, a cybersecurity company. The company is a pacesetter in its industry and offers the most official choices.

The remainder of the management team are:

Bohdan Prilepa – Chief Working Officer

Bohdan Prilepa has 7+ years of ride in Web marketing, IT and web advise. He is an educated in industry advise, monetary model creation, and monetization fashions. Likewise, Bohdan has ride in launching industry originate-ups, attracting investments and forming funding portfolios. He is additionally the Co-founder, CMO in MLCI Inc. — a crowd-funding platform to attract funding into revolutionary projects and startups. Since 2016, he is the Co-founder, CMO of Prof-it — working with the set and advise of web and cellular apps.

Juliet Su – Industry Constructing Officer

Сo-founding father of Digital Week On-line. She is the Co-founder and CEO of Eurasian Heart of Innovation and Digital Economy – under the initiative “One Belt One Motorway” and strategic advisor to the World Blockchain Make investments Alliance

 Andriy Saranenko – Chief Know-how Officer

Andriy Saranenko has 3+ years of ride with the project. He is the tip manager with in depth ride Blockchain and IT advise industry including product originate and technical give a to find to. Andriy is experienced within the planning and managing of software advise.

Vadim Yarmak – Chief Advertising Officer

Vadim Yarmak has 7+ years of ride in digital marketing, ticket ideas and tactical plans, market analysis & evaluation. He is additionally the СOO at PRMR.

Dinis Guarda – Global Consultant for Strategic Constructing

Dinis Guarda is within the within the intervening time the chairman and co-founding father of ztudium, techabc and originate industry platform. He created the platforms, and along side a few blockchain and AI tech fancy idna. Dinis is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, advisor, and CEO. Dinis authored, “4IR – Straightforward the strategy to Reinvent a Nation”, ‘How Companies and Governments can prosper with Fintech, Blockchain, and AI’ and ‘Blockchain, AI, and Crypto Economics – The Subsequent Tsunami’, among others. Dinis runs a rapid-rising Youtube Podcast series where he surpassed 4 million views within the foremost 6 months and has interviewed 100+ personalities to this level including main AI personalities, a Minister from Japan, Leading CEOs, Fintech, AI, Dapper cities, Crypto, Blockchain personalities and Bollywood stars. Dinis is a globally eminent concept leader listed continuously as #1, 5 and 10 positions as a worldwide influencer in fintech, blockchain, AI, and social media industries.

The team is working to be obvious every Bitcoin holder can claim their BTCU coins.

In uncover to provide protection to customers who store their BTC on exchanges that can no longer give a to find to the AirDrop from shedding their BTCU all the top most likely plan by the originate of the network, the accrual will handiest occur on wallets of exchanges that publicly express their give a to find to for the fork and make advantageous participation within the AirDrop for extra distribution of the bought coins among their customers.

This measure is being taken on chronicle of the wide different of centralized exchanges that might perhaps ignore the AirDrop, that can lead to the shortcoming of ability of customers of those exchanges to salvage BTCU and lead to the shortcoming of coins, because customers storing their BTC within the wallets of those exchanges!

The BTCU team will credit score these coins to a special wallet for storing, that will most definitely be publicly published on the legit website of the project. Users of any exchanges that did no longer give a to find to the AirDrop, will most likely be ready to reclaim it by offering proof of BTC balance in their chronicle at the time of the fork. An replace that wants to participate and distribute BTCU coins it did no longer salvage at the time of the fork will most likely be ready to insist them by filling out an software and contacting the BTCU team.

Bitcoin is forecast to become the means forward for finance. Nonetheless, Bitcoin carries over legacy disorders that might perhaps well endanger that stellar progression. The BTC Ultimatum (BTCU) management team noticed those and dangle situation out to medication what was dragging Bitcoin dull: the vulgar energy consumption associated with mining, scalability, and transaction anonymity, all these while affirming Bitcoin’s purposeful characteristics.

BTCU subsequent-gen blockchain, primarily primarily primarily based on Bitcoin fork has the most likely to duvet hundreds and hundreds of hours of bureaucracy yearly, to find public officers responsible by dapper contracts, and provide transparency by recording public records of all activities. Blockchain-primarily primarily primarily based vote casting might perhaps per chance pork up civic commitment by offering excessive stages of security and incorruptibility that might perhaps enable vote casting to be done on cellular units.

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