BetProtocol rebrands to BEPRO Network offering full blockchain gaming codebase

BEPRO Network is a code-as-a-carrier protocol offering technology and toughen for blockchain-essentially based totally beneficial properties. By staking BEPRO tokens, operators fetch fetch entry to to the code to delivery an a couple of need of apps…

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The team of BetProtocol, a decentralized gaming and having a bet protocol, has offered its rebranding to BEPRO Network, which involves an updated ecosystem. The BEPRO Network is now reside with a brand fresh codebase for DeFi, gaming, prediction markets, and extra.


Rebranding to BEPRO Network lets in now for increased consciousness of the BEPRO token in the general public consciousness, while enabling extra employ conditions and extra causes for folks to own interplay with the token.

The updated BEPRO Network commercial mannequin will revolve totally across the BEPRO token, and folks that like to make employ of the technology will ought to restful be stakeholders in BEPRO.

Operators will now must stake BEPRO to fetch fetch entry to to the codebase. This can replace the customary setup price that at probability of be charged previously in fiat forex. Furthermore, the monthly charges operators pay will also be charged in BEPRO. They are going to own to own interplay BEPRO on the market and add it to their stake.

From the point of view of branding, BEPRO Network is some distance higher than the slim “having a bet” sector that the vulnerable branding used to be linked to.

BEPRO Network is a codebase for building decentralized apps for DeFi, gaming, prediction markets, alternate, and extra. Operators and entrepreneurs are in a station to hire the code by staking BEPRO, and are given the broader application of the technology, the BEPRO team expects higher and higher portions of the native token would perhaps be locked in staking as fresh operators be a part of the network.

BEPRO Staked Dashboard

“The fresh BEPRO Network logo reflects each and each the a couple of chances of what can also very well be built with our codebase, as well as a return to our decentralized roots and authentic imaginative and prescient. When we started our firm two years ago, we envisioned building technology for the decentralized future of having a bet, gaming, and prediction markets. Our preliminary roadmap had us going deep into the decentralized world and being the tech in the inspire of many Dapps and on-chain methods. Alternatively, at the time fully on-chain methods weren’t imaginable due to a need of scalability and usability causes, so we had been compelled to adapt. Our plump turnkey solution for launching eSports and casino gaming apps used to be a result of this. Even supposing here is a hybrid product (combining on-chain and off-chain structure) we nonetheless realized lots about building fully on-chain methods. Dentralised blockchains like Ethereum and Polkadot own evolved to the set fully on-chain methods are indubitably imaginable. The replacement is now here for us to fulfill our authentic decentralized imaginative and prescient while restructuring our commercial mannequin to be extra scalable for the long bustle.”

– The BEPRO Network Team

BEPRO Network is scheduled to delivery the first showcase product on the network in Q1 of this year.

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