Oasis Foundation brings privacy-preserving tech to Conflux blockchain

The Oasis Basis, an group supporting the reach of the Oasis Network and its ecosystem, introduced on the present time it is some distance partnering with Conflux Network to bring Oasis’ privacy-preserving technology to the Conflux Network. Right here is a critical step in enhancing the security of functions built on Conflux, and enabling contemporary market participation with extra stable, reputation-primarily primarily based marketplaces.

The transparent nature of public, permissionless blockchain networks is key to making sure belief. While here is a highly efficient tool for accountability, there are sure forms of non-public records that have to stay private. The Oasis Network enables the separation of non-public and non-private records. The consequence is a user-controlled web where customers predicament up derive admission to to their private records, and permit functions to derive admission to that records in a stable atmosphere. The bottom line is that non-public records stays private even when shared, creating the dynamics for greater collaboration between companies and customers.

“The Oasis Network combines private records derive admission to and blockchain technology to originate greater ways to share and predicament up private records on the derive,” stated Eden Dhaliwal, Managing Director Conflux Network. “We stare the partnership of our two technologies as a route to securing contemporary marketplaces with greater KYC systems, unlocking contemporary markets fancy private records economies, and rising the Web3 home via foul-chain collaboration.”


Partnering with the Oasis Basis integrates the excessive-trip efficiency of Conflux Network functions with the Oasis Network’s privacy technology, and unlocks the flexibility for customers to manipulate and predicament up their records right via both networks. The foul-chain efficiency of Conflux and the privacy-preserving technology of Oasis originate ideally tremendous partners to reach DeFi beyond traders and early adopters and into a extra mainstream market.

“The vogue the derive manages private records of their customers desires to present a have to to originate no longer most bright a extra stable atmosphere nevertheless moreover extra collaborative relationships amongst the stakeholders of a particular provider,” stated Luca Cosentino, DeFi Product Lead at Oasis Network. “We are excited to affix forces with Conflux to originate this vision a actuality.”

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