Bancor to expand its decentralized liquidity protocol to Polkadot

Bancor, an on-chain liquidity protocol, this day announced that work is now underway on a depraved-chain bridge that would possibly well perhaps enable Bancor to elongate its decentralized liquidity protocol to Polkadot.

The implementation would at final give users the ability to construct swimming pools, provide liquidity and construct trustless depraved-chain swaps on Bancor between Polkadot and ERC-20 tokens.

The Bancor protocol is designed to be chain agnostic. Since BNT is ancient in each of the protocol’s swimming pools, it serves because the middleman asset in every swap (e.g., LINK <> BNT <> USDC). The identical holds actual for depraved-chain swaps, that will happen by burning BNT on the originating chain, and minting BNT on the destination chain.


Bridge operators, who hear for incoming transactions and relay transactions accordingly, would possibly well perhaps very properly be compensated in BNT, and bonding collateral would possibly well perhaps very properly be staked in BNT.

The bridge is being built with the LiquidApps crew, whose concerned in constructing innovative depraved-chain technology.

Bridge operators will make essentially the most of sunshine-weight nodes to hear to and have interaction with both chains. Unlike modern depraved-chain bridges the keep nodes can price thousands or thousands and thousands of bucks to bustle, these lightweights nodes can bustle within a straightforward net browser. This slashes the fees and setup time for price recent bridging brokers and enables anyone to participate in securely constructing and declaring the bridge.

The blueprint underpinning the nodes is WASM-essentially essentially based, and would possibly well perhaps doubtlessly be ancient to enable mesh networks all the blueprint thru extra than one ecosystems (e.g., a contract on Ethereum shall be called to send tokens from a Solana story to a Polkadot story).

“Introduction of the ETH-DOT bridge would possibly well perhaps be the 1st step against making Bancor a multi-chain liquidity protocol. As soon as completed, Polkadot’s scalability and streak coupled with Bancor’s distinctive AMM positive aspects would possibly well perhaps liberate modern liquidity pool designs and DeFi interactions. We live up for sharing additional small print and timelines as pattern progresses.”

– The Bancor Crew

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