Taiwan crypto exchange BTSE to improve market pricing through Wootrade

BTSE, a Taiwan-based mostly cryptocurrency exchange, at the moment time announced this also will most doubtless be bettering liquidity on the platform by becoming a member of the Wootrade Community. Created by Kronos Compare, a quantitative trading agency; Wootrade is a trading platform designed to offer an edge to liquidity and spreads.

Final year, Wootrade created an API to lend a hand connect exchanges and diverse trading platforms to their machine. They operate in the create of a “trading infrastructure” which is otherwise known as an Different Trading System (ATS).

Wootrade aggregates liquidity and offers trading depth for B2B clients with zero prices. Wootrade helps exchanges, skilled merchants, and institutions have aggressive advantage in the crypto retail market. In January of 2021, over $1.1 billion of institutional trading volume turned into performed on the community.


BTSE Substitute offers a assortment of financial services and products that lengthen the capabilities of digital resources alongside with asset administration, exchange, OTC, lending, a debit card, white labeling, and DeFi merchandise.

“BTSE and Wootrade collectively will most doubtless be ready to produce a higher machine for liquidity that advantages crypto as a complete. By the usage of the Wootrade Community, this enables BTSE to connect with LFPs and MMs that can create higher market prices that can lend a hand BTSE customers. The WOO token will most doubtless be made on hand on the BTSE platform, guaranteeing our customers could also opt lend a hand of Wootrade at as soon as to boot as to their work in the lend a hand of the scenes.”

– The BTSE Team

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