What the GameStop Saga Says About US Capitalism

There’s a motive the GameStop/WallStreetBets drama of the past two weeks obtained so principal attention. It’s on yarn of it speaks forcefully to the inequities and systemic problems in each and each our financial markets and the facts superhighway economy and the draw they’ve fashioned our politics and social tensions.

So, in valid “Money Reimagined” compose, we desired to have a handsome excessive-diploma dialogue about what the GameStop (GME) drama procedure for the future of cash and society. And for that we known as on somebody who’s a grasp at drawing giant-picture narratives round such factors: Demetri Kofinas, the host of the current “Hidden Forces” podcast.

Demetri Kofinas is an insatiably uncommon media entrepreneur and financial professional. His mission is to compose the connections that abet you peek the higher picture, empowering you to compose smarter investing choices.


He also hosts the “Hidden Forces” podcast, where he affords his listeners an edge by utilizing his serious thinking draw to subject the consensus narratives structuring our world .

You may be aware him on Twitter at @kofinas, take a look at out his podcast at hiddenforces.io, and signal-up for more large convey material and prognosis at Patreon.com/hiddenforces.

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