Elon Musk Buys Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know About Tesla’s $1.5B Purchase

The implications of Elon Musk’s deal with bitcoin’s climate story, assorted Fortune 500 treasury management systems and more.

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Elon Musk’s Tesla (TSLA) has purchased $1.5 billion in bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset. Moreover, the firm will soon be allowing folk to pay for Teslas with bitcoin.


In this episode, NLW breaks down:

  • How Elon bought to this moment, collectively with his exchanges with MicroStrategy’s (MSTR) Michael Saylor
  • What critics of the Tesla community and the bitcoin community have a tendency to mumble
  • How this de-risks bitcoin purchases for assorted Fortune 500 corporations
  • How it relates to Elon’s doge memeing
  • Why here is doubtless to have a chief impression on bitcoin’s story relating to climate trade and vitality utilize
  • Why Cathie Wood is laughing all straightforward the vogue to the monetary institution.

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