The Many Facts Pointing to Chainlink’s Sergey Nazarov Being Satoshi Nakamoto

Right via the old couple of years, pleasing contracts and blockchain oracles receive transformed the crypto industry, and one explicit mission called Chainlink is mainly the most widely extinct oracle community to-date. One other attention-grabbing part about Chainlink is the mission’s creator, Sergey Nazarov has been a Satoshi Nakamoto suspect in most up-to-date instances. Closing year, a total lot of experiences tried to gift that Nazarov also can very successfully be Bitcoin’s creator by leveraging circumstantial proof and hypothesis.

Chainlink Founder Sergey Nazarov Deemed a Satoshi Suspect

Over the old couple of years, has written widely on what some of us remember is the preferrred thriller of all at some level of the cryptocurrency jam. A wide number of sleuths are wanting for Satoshi Nakamoto and the whereabouts of the total bitcoins the creator mined while kick-initiating the community.


Our newsdesk has also created a total list of the total Satoshi Nakamoto suspects and essentially the most most up-to-date on our list is a peculiar-day theory. Closing year, just a few experiences and a Youtube video outlined the chance that the creator of Chainlink (LINK), Sergey Nazarov, also can very successfully be Bitcoin’s inventor.

One file written by UX Sequence ( provides a total peep on the total proof that allegedly ties Nazarov to the introduction of Bitcoin. The following is the tenth installment of’s “The Many Facts” Satoshi Nakamoto series.

The Many Facts Pointing to Chainlink's Sergey Nazarov Being Satoshi Nakamoto
The 32-year-used Sergey Nazarov (pictured left) has been even handed a suspect in search of Satoshi Nakamoto. The image on the factual is all of Nazarov’s attention-grabbing domains. modified into once created six days sooner than the Bitcoin white paper modified into once revealed.

At the least, speculators deem that Sergey Nazarov modified into once no much less than round at some level of Satoshi’s incubation period. Nazarov is for the time being 32-years-used and his fogeys are Russian immigrants who migrated to Novel York.

Chainlink is a in style asset, as it for the time being holds the ninth preferrred market valuation on the time of writing. Typically, the mission is a decentralized oracle community and the protocol connects pleasing contracts to an total lot of external ingredients and APIs. The mission launched in 2017, nonetheless purportedly it modified into once in the initiating founded in 2014 by Steve Ellis and Nazarov. Chainlink is leveraged by many organizations including Start Legislation, Web3 Foundation, Google, SWIFT, Zeppelin, and a myriad of others. Registered 6 Days Sooner than the Bitcoin White Paper Published

The first half of proof that hyperlinks Nazarov to the introduction of Bitcoin is the truth that the Chainlink creator purchased the enviornment six days sooner than Satoshi’s white paper modified into once revealed on Halloween 2008. Fair now the procure internet page is tethered to the Chainlink (LINK) internet portal, and in relate to salvage a explore on the history of it, one has to leverage

The Many Facts Pointing to Chainlink's Sergey Nazarov Being Satoshi Nakamoto
At the 2d, forwards company to the Chainlink internet page, nonetheless here’s what it seemed devour years ago.

The procure portal’s introduction days prior is infrequently a smoking gun that ingredients to Nazarov being Satoshi, nonetheless it absolutely is attention-grabbing circumstantial proof. Hypothesizers, nonetheless, give it some idea is in most cases habitual that Sergey Nazarov and Satoshi Nakamoto also half the an analogous initials.

Furthermore, in October 2020, Nazarov seemed in a video with Chainlink’s Ben Chan that reveals him explaining how long he has been fervent with blockchain. Right via the video, Nazarov says he’s been in the blockchain jam for ten years after which corrects himself. If that’s the case, Nazarov would had been engaged on bitcoin at age 21-22 at some level of the an analogous time period Nakamoto modified into once round.

QED Capital and the Russian Proxy

Nazarov also owns a total lot of blockchain-connected domains that were registered in the early days. Whereas modified into once registered on October 25, 2008, a space called modified into once registered in April 2016. Diverse internet page domains stutter that Nazarov has a gradual reference to a Russian firm called QED Capital.

The Many Facts Pointing to Chainlink's Sergey Nazarov Being Satoshi Nakamoto
In June 2020, the monetary reporter Michael Kapilkov stumbled on that essentially the major version of Bitcoin (v0.1.0) comprises a Russian proxy.

Nazarov registered just a few QED Capital internet sites in 2012, and the company modified into once on the assist of two of his past tasks Steady Asset Replace (SAE) and Crypto Mail. Believers in the unusual-day Nazarov-Nakamoto theory, receive pointed to the most contemporary discovery which reveals Satoshi Nakamoto allegedly extinct a Russian proxy to shroud his space and identification.

QED Capital’s internet page indispensable ingredients that Nazarov serves as the managing director and the firm also can be talked about in Nazarov’s fashioned Whois filing.

The Sage of Kokichi Mikimoto and the Perfectly Spherical Cultured Pearls

Along with the connections with QED Capital, speculators also consult with a particular metaphor Nazarov revealed in 2013 about an particular person called “Kokichi Mikimoto.”

The Many Facts Pointing to Chainlink's Sergey Nazarov Being Satoshi Nakamoto

In line with the story, Mikimoto created large spherical pearls or pearls that are smoother than they are as of late. Mikimoto Pearls were also farmed and the total metaphor is eerily corresponding to Satoshi Nakamoto’s sage.

“In 1878, Kokichi Mikimoto stumbled on assemble superior pearls via man-made pearl farming, his pearls/product turned out to be better than the large majority of the finest pearls stumbled on in all-natural stipulations,” Nazarov wrote on the time. “He made this discovery with out a education in the ‘natural sciences’ and on the total came to his progressive results via costly trial and mistake.” Nazarov sage additional talked about:

Sooner than his discovery the overwhelming majority of pearls did now no longer even appear spherical to the naked explore, as of late 90% of all pearls supplied are made the expend of his formulation to make what seem like perfectly spherical ‘cultured pearls.’

Chainlink’s Sergey Nazarov is now no longer the finest cryptocurrency developer who has been accused of being Satoshi Nakamoto. Reports receive talked about Hal Finney modified into once the mysterious creator, and one stylometry peep also pointed the finger at Gavin Andresen. The creator of essentially the major proof-of-stake cryptocurrency and the Peercoin community Sunny King has been a suspect. Furthermore, the pseudonymous Grin founder Ignotus Peverell modified into once also a candidate in the summertime of 2019.

What scheme you suspect about the claims that narrate Sergey Nazarov also can very successfully be Satoshi Nakamoto? Narrate us what you suspect in the feedback below.

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