Decentralized crypto derivatives platform Leverj to list DeFi index and more

Leverj, a decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives shopping and selling platform, recently announced some Q1 updates starting with the itemizing of a DeFi perpetual swap contract. The Leverj crew also confirmed extra unusual property are on the scheme, and some popular UI and functionality enhancements.

This month, Leverj will in all probability be going live with the BNC Blue-Chip DeFi Index (BBDX) as a perpetual swap against USDt. Leverj is also exploring itemizing situation merchandise reminiscent of gold, and others.

To elevate liquidity, Leverj is now working on a “Liquidity Mining Rewards” program, which incentivizes merchants in accordance with quantity and/or placing bids & asks into the declare books. Moreover, a corpulent Leverj buddies program is being finalized; buddies will in all probability be in a situation to fragment within the volumes traded by accounts they referred. Lastly, in accordance with the success of the platform’s first shopping and selling opponents, Leverj is also currently drawing up a 2d shopping and selling opponents.


“With incentives to repeat your friends, incentives to change or market originate, a peculiar shopping and selling opponents, and awesome unusual perpetuals listed, we have ourselves a framework for aggressive progress this quarter. Right here is now not all that’s going on late the scenes both. Some of the most extra advanced efforts encompass talking with switch contributors about adopting Gluon. Extra core fashion to incorporate tendermint and expanded Gluon functionality, enthralling staking to Gluon. Bridging Gluon Apps to enable for immediate/free transfers between situation and derivatives accounts. All these fashion efforts will pave the scheme for gasoline-free AMM’s and as effectively as additional decentralization of the Gluon Leverj ecosystem.”

– The Leverj Team

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