Deerfi’s permissionless flash loan marketplace now live on Ethereum

Deerfi, a lending protocol for Uniswap liquidity providers, has launched that its Deer FlashLoan protocol, a permissionless flash loan market, is now continue to exist the Ethereum mainnet.

Flash loans are compelling with somewhat a pair of use circumstances akin to performing arbitrage solutions, executing liquidations, swapping collaterals, and heaps other creative use circumstances.

On the opposite hand, the contemporary flash loan market is inefficient. First, no longer all token holders are prepared to supply liquidity on DEX attributable to impermanent loss. Furthermore, most tokens can not generate passive earnings, admire offering liquidity on Uniswap. Extra, the lending protocol can not settle for all tokens attributable to volatility.


The Deer FlashLoan protocol makes flash loans on hand to all tokens. The most main aspects of the protocol are:

  • Permissionless: Love Uniswap, customers are free to form big asset pools on the Deer Flash Mortgage protocol.
  • Low Charge: 0.05% per flash loan, adjustable through governance.
  • No Impermanent Loss: Assured to be winning for liquidity providers.
  • Passive earnings for unused tokens.

Comparison between Flashloan providers: Aave vs. dYdX vs. Uniswap vs. Deer:

Governance and Liquidity Mining

“Decentralization is the core value of Deerfi. We use a two-phased governance model. Within the contemporary share, we use a 2-day TimeLock contract to support watch over all Deerfi protocol contracts. Within the 2d phrase, Deerfi governance and liquidity mining can be up and working when there are sufficient customers and liquidity within the protocol. This model ensures our neighborhood forms a consensus about the value of our protocol and fairness of token distribution.”

– The Deerfi Team

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