UNION bringing smart contract protection to Prosper’s cross-chain prediction platform

UNION, a full-stack DeFi protection platform, this day announced a peculiar partnership with Prosper, a tainted-chain prediction market and hedging platform, to bring UNION’s suite of protection products to Prosper.

The partnership will encompass the adoption of UNION’s qualified contract protection for Prosper’s liquidity swimming pools, alongside C-OP, to present a win to the capital effectivity of its prediction markets.

“Factual esteem UNION’s protection products have to now not constrained by protocols, files inputs to calibrate pricing and solvency ratios for UNION’s products have to now not both. The wisdom-of-the-hundreds, synthesized and signaled exact-time by Prosper, is a treasured various files space. Different files sets beget proven their effectiveness in TradFi risk management over the last decade. The equivalent holds staunch for DeFi and UNION is furious to embody Factual’s prediction indicators to toughen our product suite.”

– John Liu, CPO of UNION


Prosper is a non-custodial, tainted-chain prediction market and hedging platform that solves one of decentralized prediction markets’ greatest issues — liquidity. Prosper deploys a varied technology for on-chain liquidity aggregation that relies on binary gadgets for liquidity provision across blockchains.

A short-term prediction market model permits randomized outcomes for customized swimming pools with liquidity suppliers, offering access to high APRs and a free maximum insurance fund.

Core parts of Prosper also embody wager insurance, particular person-owned predictions and suggestions, and fiat integration — further augmenting capital inflows to its customized swimming pools.

With more liquidity, prediction markets can turn out to be more appropriate at forecasting events. Reaching this map offering magnificent liquidity incentives to liquidity suppliers, enabling leverage for particular person positions, and pooling tainted-chain capital. With UNION’s qualified contract protection, Prosper’s liquidity swimming pools can beget the good thing about the dynamic adjustment of UNION’s pricing model to change risk parameters that provide protection to the prediction swimming pools’ solvency whereas optimizing leverage.

Safer swimming pools paired with Prosper’s prediction insurance system indicate users can wager on the stop consequence, now not the protection of their beget wagers. This also interprets to Prosper swimming pools’ ability to greater predict security efficiency across DeFi, the set apart harnessing the intelligence of the hundreds would perhaps per chance furthermore be used to reconcile the mispricing of insurance swimming pools for qualified contract risk within DeFi protocols.

”We’re furious to work along with the UNN crew on the protection enhancements of Prosper platform. The bundled protection will enable Prosper users to be excellent whereas interacting with Prosper qualified contacts. In addition to that, this might enable us to plan more contributors for the binary liquidity program that we’re currently exploring. Bundled protection with Prosper’s prediction insurance will enable us to turn out to be perhaps the most secured prediction platform ever!”

– Iva Wisher, Co-Founder and COO of Prosper predict

Furthermore, Prosper’s exploration of C-OP to present a win to the capital effectivity of its swimming pools will abet to enhance liquidity further. As levered users can greater provide protection to themselves from plan back sign volatility, the possibilities of the insist of margin for prediction outcomes are enhanced — a essential plan for capital-mindful users attempting to secure to profit from mispriced outcomes.

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