Ethereum-based prediction market PlotX migrates to Polygon’s L2 solution

PlotX, an Ethereum-based entirely entirely prediction market, has announced it’s miles migrating to Polygon’s (previously recognized as Matic) L2 solution. This is in a position to perchance enable crypto traders to disencumber congestion and switch liquidity between Ethereum and assorted bridgeable chains like Matic, zkRollups, OVM, PolkaDot, and Binance Honorable Chain.

Ish Goel, Founding father of PlotX

“Two mountainous rooster-egg problems for DeFi are based entirely entirely round infrastructure scaling and liquidity in markets. In prediction market protocols like PlotX, getting the knowledge of the workforce requires a noble UX, negligible gas price, and highly liquid markets. Right here’s why PlotX has labored with Polygon and several other assorted partners to bring a first of its kind L2 expertise for prediction markets –  permissionless, non-custodial with very considerable fast UX.”

– Ish Goel, Founding father of PlotX

As a non-custodial prediction protocol, PlotX enables traders to prevail in publicity to crypto by entering prediction markets and incomes yield for accurately determining how a particular asset will switch. PlotX creates excessive-yield markets using an automatic market maker with all transactions processed on-chain.


The brainchild of ex-Nexus and GovBlocks builders, PlotX is on the total described because the “Uniswap for prediction markets.” Customers can predict on a four-hour, each day or weekly basis without suffering drawbacks of centralized prediction markets, counterparty risk, excessive sign, and unfair settlement.

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