Secret Network’s cross-chain AMM swap network now live

Secret Network, a blockchain providing data privateness by default, on the present time introduced the mainnet initiate of SecretSwap, the ecosystem’s first AMM (automatic market maker).

SecretSwap enables users to alternate any secret token for any other. It works like Uniswap or SushiSwap, nonetheless with lower bills and increased user security. As an instance, because trim contracts on Secret Network bear encrypted inputs, outputs, and remark, miners are now now not in a location to entrance-dawdle any orders submitted to the AMM.

Tokens that users draw shut on SecretSwap could presumably well also furthermore be transferred with privateness on Secret Network, used in other Secret Apps, or despatched over bridges support to native chains (including Ethereum). Network bills for interacting with SecretSwap are paid within the native SCRT token, like one but any other secret contracts.


Secret Tokens

The fungible tokens native to Secret Network are non-public by default, and to allow them to symbolize any native or off-chain asset (including Ethereum assets, ensuing from the Secret Ethereum Bridge).

On Secret Network, all users earnings from privateness network effects; the extra utilization there is of Secret Apps, the extra security users accumulate.

SecretSwap currently helps any secret token, including the total tokens supported by the Secret Ethereum Bridge. This entails secret versions of: ETH, YFI, LINK, WBTC, OCEAN, RSR, UNI, SUSHI, DAI, USDT, USDC, AAVE, BAND, MKR, DPI, TUSD, BAC, SNX, COMP, and KNC.

Over 1,500 addresses bear already used the Secret Ethereum Bridge to fabricate secret token versions of their ETH assets.


As extra bridges are in-constructed the Secret ecosystem (including integration of IBC), SecretSwap objectives to change into a substandard-chain, privateness-first, entrance-working resistant liquidity hub.

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